Friday, November 21, 2008

More On Those Mississauga Exotic Dancers

American P.I. and blogger Bill Warner has begun following this story. While Warner's references to Muslim terrorists in Mississauga is a bit puzzling, there is much good material in his post.

Here, for example, is the website for the club where Kimberlee and the other dancers involved in the Human Rights complaint used to work, including a map and some clips of the current employees plying their trade. (Tell yourself: "I am here because I am interested in Human Rights law...I am here because I am interested in Human Rights law...")

And here are some old T.O. Star stories about the legal trouble this club has suffered in the past, although it should be noted that club-owner John Sit was never in the clubs when they were raided and never charged.

h/t Kimberlee, and happy birthday!

Update: in a last bit of Human Rights news, a "real court" backs an HRC.

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Steve Bloom said...

I am of course interested in Human Rights law, but also in the fact that the illustrative large clip of money shown on the front page had a distinctly southern look to it. What gives?