Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Natty Post Claims False Scoop On Stripper Pics, Gives Liberal Blogger The Stiff!

That picture 1st appeared here (on this blog, which is mine) on November 10th. Plus several more exclusive shots!!!

Your coverage of Canadian Human Rights cases continues to be dismal. If you can't tell the truth about exotic dancers, how can you guys be trusted with anything???

No wonder your stock is under a buck!!!!


JAWL said...

Great title, but I think you are being a little hard on the Post.

Ti-Guy said...

I'd suggest you sue them for every penny they've got, but that would be really uncharitable.

Ti-Guy said...

No wonder your stock is under a buck!!!!

70 cents at close today. Historical.

MilitantLiberal said...

The Post ripped you off I think but I also think you and the post both are using any excuse you can to show those pictures. And God bless yah for it. The Post will probably now run an apology to you for not giving you credit and of course they will have to show said pictures again. Then you will have a post about the retraction. You of course will then have to show the pictures again.

bigcitylib said...


You know me so well.