Sunday, November 09, 2008

Kinsella's Going With Iggy

He hasn't said anything for sure yet, but I can just freakin' sense it.

This is weird, man. Its like when Captain Picard joined The Borg.


Anonymous said...

Some have speculated that's why Kinsey closed his comments. But hey, if it's true, you can take some small comfort from the fact that it will be a JFJ to make a cyborg like Iggy look even remotely human.


Steve V said...


Skinny Dipper said...

I wonder whom Bart the Fish will support.

This little iggy went to the market.
This little iggy stayed home.
This little iggy had fish sticks.
And this little iggy had none.
And this little iggy is choosing Iggynation.

I guess Kinsey will be taking an Ezzy break.

knb said...

knowing how to persuade formerly fierce combatants (even me!) in the Chrétien-Martin wars to work together, in common cause.

Uh, if Ignatieff can't persuade himself and his posse to do that, how will he persuade Kinsella?

Oh, right.

Deb Prothero said...

Pretty sure you've nailed this. I commented on WK's blog about a week ago on the day that Rae was forced into announcing entry to the race because of the front page article of the Globe & Mail rumouring that Rae might not be in.

My comment was something along the lines of "The leak to the media appears to have the WK touch indicating that you're supporting the undeclared opponent who is obviously in the race."

Barring a technological problem, this was the first comment I've ever made that wasn't posted. Maybe I hit close to home???

Dante said...

Iggy can't win against Harper if he had God himself in his corner. Same reason why Tory couldn't win against McGuinty...why go lite when you could have the real thing?

Gayle said...

Why does he do this anyway? I would not be wasting my time speculating over who Kinsella is backing. It is not that I do not respect the man, but this whole keeping it a secret thing is kind of silly.

MississaugaPeter said...

The Iggy Plan is to focus on the Martin factions that brought Iggy back to Canada and combine them with a few Chretien supporters (like Kinsella) and make it seem that Iggy is the GREAT UNITER. Prepare for this spin when Iggy offically declares.

WesternGrit said...

I don't know about "a few" Chretien supporters... Take a look at the old Saskatchewan "Cretien" machine. They're all with Ignatieff. The first people who approached me about Michael campaign were Cretien supporters from way back in 93. I saw a lot of Martin supporters come on board in Alberta.

I think we got to be careful labeling people as "Martin" or "Cretien" "supporters". I don't think it does ANY good bitching about the past. My blog is not going to criticize any of these hopefuls. They all have some great strengths, and I would take any of them over Harper.

I'm going to talk about what each can offer to "de-throne" Harper. We should all focus on that.

As far as which Laurier or St. Laurent supporters (or Trudeau, or Cretien, or Martin, or Turner), this childish f'n argument does us no good. The conspiracy theories about someone behind someone are just plain stupid. I've been around the party (working campaigns, etc.). There has never been a leader I didn't like, but also never a leader I didn't criticize (with the exception of PET). There were both "Cretien and Martin people" in every leadership team last time. I'm sure there were also some people from the "Laurier cabal". See how stupid that sounds?

Time to grow up and focus on the future.

My choice for leader?
Rudolf the f'n Red-nosed Reindeer

Who cares? THE Leader is going to have my support, and if you're not a petty little child, your's too - NO MATTER WHO THAT LEADER IS.

to the Future said...

It is not childish to express concerns about any candidate. The reality is a couple of the candidates this time have heavy duty baggage. I do not see a happy ending this time. With Dion, there was a candidate no one had a major problem with. This time, that is not the case and I predict the Party will come out of this next convention very polarized.

MississaugaPeter said...


I hate the Martin and Chretien labels myself.

However, anyone who reads Kinsella more than once a day will attest, Kinsella labels everyone as either a Martin supporter or Chretien supporter.

And since he sees the world as one or the other, he believes that anyone who can bring together people from both groups must be the GREAT UNITER, the NORTHERN OBAMA.

The reality is that in 2006, and again this time, every leadership candidate (even Volpe) had/has people one could label as a Martin backer or Chretien backer.

But the Iggy folks hope to portray him as the GREAT UNITER, which is just crap. Just because Kinsella has joined your team, does not make you the GREAT UNITER.

Reality Bites said...

Gayle, I believe he's said that it would be improper for him to declare who he's supporting before they announce their own intentions.

When you look at it that way, it's actually quite logical. The minute he says "I'm backing X" the story is in the paper and X has lost control of the timing - much like Rae did.

Gayle said...

OK - fair enough. I'll shut up now. :)

James Bowie said...

First of all, Picard was the natural choice to become Locutus, the spokesperson of the Borg. As the chief diplomat and the flagship captain of the Federation, his conversion represented the ultimate capitulation and defeat for mankind. Who better to speak for a race whose slogan is "resistance is futile?"

The really surprising part of the ordeal at Wolf 359 was that Riker was willing to fire on his own captain. Who'd a thunk it? They'd served together for years, and Riker had passed up command and promotion to stay as Enterprise's "#1."

Anonymous said...

I think it's all a very deliberate "building of anticipation" and I'm suspecting that Kinsella's doing a wee bit of viral marketing. The medium is the message or the blog is the medium for the message. In any case, it will be fascinating to see if minds and perceptions can be changed regarding Mr. Ignatieff. More a challenge than the problem of whatever perceived faction is backing Iggy, is the problem that he seems to provoke such strong negative reactions. When you can defeat that trend within the Liberal bubble, you can defeat it in the real world. Or not. It will take some doing.

Gayle said...


Picard would have fired on Riker, so no surprise. Riker always did what he thought Picard would do (except when he fell in love with that weird man/woman alien - I just did not buy that).

RuralSandi said...

I was wondering about Cauchon - Kinsella has a lot of respect for him.

I agree with WesternGrit - it's getting nasty already and not all candidates have declared they are running.

It leaves a bad taste for sure.

It's like going through the last leadership race all over again - and that was pathetic.

James Curran said...

Just exactly how does MI fit the bill of "being able to balance the books"?

RuralSandi said...

How do any of them fit into the "balance a budget" requirement for that matter.

Cauchon - I don't know much about him.

James Curran said...

Cauchon fits.

Reality Bites said...

It's not Cauchon's time. I don't know that it ever will be, but it certainly isn't his time this time.

Anonymous said...