Monday, November 03, 2008

There Goes The Neighborhood

The owners of Parkway Mall, a shopping centre on Victoria Park Avenue for a half-century, want to completely redevelop the site and add 2,200 residences, a Scarborough councillor says.

That's where I shop. If you know this part of Toronto, Parkway Mall and Parkway Plaza are now slated to go condo, and rumours have Eglinton Square next up for re-development.

Both [concepts for the property], he said, call for 2,200 residences - some in townhouses but most in nine buildings of eight to 21 storeys - on the 18-acre Ellesmere Road property.

The mall itself, including a grocery store Thompson said has significance as a heritage building, would largely be removed and replaced by 100,000 square feet of new retail and about the same amount of office space, he said.

Ugliest heritage building you've ever seen, if true. That line won't convince anyone to leave the place standing. Still, they want to add 2,000 people and replace almost 300,000 feet of retail with about a third of that. Slowly, they're trying to herd everyone to the new Walmart on Eglinton.

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