Thursday, November 06, 2008

Tories Hiding Convention Policy Resolutions

From a Tory insider, courtesy Kadey's comments:

I was just on the phone with the CPC Convention office, and the policy resolutions will only be handed out to delegates on their registration in Winnipeg. I guess this will be part of the convention package, or whatever we will be given when we register.

The resolutions are supposed to be very similar to what was discussed at this summer's regional convention in Que. Anyone know what happened there? Any resolutions to please the Speechy Warrier?

This is an update to this post.


Reality Bites said...

All parties in government routinely ignore policy resolutions passed by the membership, but the Conservatives don't intend to even let them debate any.

The Speechies will get nothing. A government that doesn't believe in free speech for cabinet ministers certainly doesn't believe in it for Nazis.

And let's not forget that - the people who've been found in violation of Section 13 have ALL BEEN MOTHERFUCKING NAZIS.

Christian Conservative said...

To quote your "leader", "You don't know what you speak about."

I got my copy of the policy proposals today, as I was informed I would.

And for the record "RB", a policy proposal that I personally wrote will be debated on the floor. So much for your theory on the CPC not listening to the "grassroots". ;-)