Sunday, November 30, 2008

CBC Still Running Craptacular Poll On Subsidies To Political Parties

You can vote in it as many times as you want if you just "delete cookies" between casting each ballot. I did 7 times before realizing that it was beneath my dignity.

Honestly? Why would CBC want to run such an easily manipulated survey? Sure, you claim you did a poll and its cheap, but you get what you pay for.

Easier to see why, as has happened here, a gang of young Tories might want to spend the day drumming up fake votes. CBC will, if they announce the results at all, include some caveat such as "this is not a scientific survey". Writers from other media outlets may not be so scrupulous, and it will get printed and broadcast as though it were actually news.


Ti-Guy said...

I voted twice before I felt ashamed.

J-Vo said...

"I did 7 times before realizing that it was beneath my dignity."

That comment is so stupid that I have to comment on it.

It was definitely NOT beneath what you call your dignity if you did it seven times. Even once is a display of gross dishonesty.

ACORN could a few like you in the next election. Ti Guy is a cheat as well. If there is a saving grace at all, it is that you at least admit your childish pranks.

Nosferatu200 said...

Hello Birdy:

Grammar check is your friend.

That, and you may, just may, have missed the point.

sean foley said...

Hey Big Shitty Lib, I enjoyed reading Steyn crapping all over you. Please embarass yourself more often.

Ti-Guy said...

Wow, the wingnuts sure are upset.

I wonder why.

bigcitylib said...

If you really wondering, Steyn is mad at me again. See the post from the 26th.

Ti-Guy said...

Well, what are you waiting for? Link, m'boy, link.

Bring it, Steyniacs!

Anonymous said...

"Absolutely no one pins even a sliver of blame on the Liberals, the NDP or the Bloc. Of course not. Faced with the unreasonable and extreme proposal that they raise funds in the same way as the Conservatives have been doing for years — by asking people for their money, rather than taking it from them — they really had no alternative but to seize power. What on earth were they supposed to do? Revamp their moribund fund-raising organizations? Find a message and a leader capable of motivating large numbers of Canadians to click the “donate” button on their websites? Get off their collective duffs? What were the Tories thinking?

No. No, the sensible, restrained, pragmatic thing to do when threatened with the loss of subsidy is to take down the government. The sober, reasonable, moderate thing to do in this time of economic uncertainty is to provoke a constitutional crisis — to cobble together a coalition without a prime minister or a program, propped up by a separatist party, and demand the governor general call upon it to form a new government, replacing the old one we just elected. It’s been six weeks, after all."

Liberal supporter Andrew Coyne

Unknown said...

And now we find out the NDP and the Bloc had entered into a secret pact well before this latest kerfluffle. The NDP has been plotting to topple the government since shortly after the election.

Good luck getting the GG to sign off on that plan.

Nosferatu200 said...

Mere distractions Paul S, and a pretty pathetic attempt by the Conservatives to deflect attention from themselves.

Unknown said...

Well with BCL voting 7 times, Ti-Guy 2 times and Reality Bites 3,478 times, the poll still shows 60% of Canadians want to eliminate subsidies to political parties.

Whether the poll is accurate or not, the real question is: Are you feeling "lucky"? Well are you?

Pull the plug on the government guys, you'll get your answer soon enough. ;)