Tuesday, December 16, 2008

BCLSB Exclusive: Delays At The WTBA

David Crutcher, Executive Director of the Western Business and Taxpayers Association (WBTA) has been in touch with me via email. I won't reproduce the exact contents, but I am assuming Mr. Crutcher is okay with the gist of his email becoming public. So here goes:

1) Due to website issues, the WTBA Executive Council will not be announced on until late Wednesday (Dec. 17). At that point, at least five of the positions, including Policy Chair, will have been filled.

2) The founding convention has been pushed back until April.

Mr. Crutcher claims almost 200 Members at this point and several $1,000s in funding. He also has invited sceptics like myself to debate the movement in a "serious manner". Once their white paper appears, I shall be happy to do so.

Until that time, there are a few scraps of interesting information in their "six point plan":

1) Create separatist network that will strengthen the businesses of separatists and help them prosper so they can in turn donate to groups like the Separation Party of Alberta and / or any other party that may come along in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.


3) We will fund any and all who share our vision of a new nation.


6)Provide training in Campaign Management, Candidate Development, Fundraising, Media Training and more for those that want to organize for elected office or to promote the separation agenda across Western Canada or in their provinces specifically.

So: not a political party, but a network that would fund political parties. And note once again that Manitoba seems to be absent from their plans.


Reality Bites said...

Not a network, no. A money-making operation for Crutcher et al disguised as an organization. Same as Chandler's Concerned Christians Canada Inc.

So in a nutshell:

1. You're an Alberta separatist.
2. Ergo, you're a monumentally stupid loser.
3. You're used to opening your chequebook for dubious causes.
4. We set up something that SOUNDS like a legitimate organization, that makes the right noises, issues statements and interviews, but actually plays no real part in politics.
5. In exchange for your money, we sell you advertising in our publications that go to equally gullible idiots and let you network with each other.
6. Supposedly this will make you money you can use to support ACTUAL separatist organizations that are of course completely powerless and pointless. Of course nothing's actually requiring you to do so, so the only thing the organization will actually do is make money for Crutcher and his associates.

Betcha a beer that, just like CCC Inc, just like The Progressive Group for Independent Business, this ends up being set up as a for-profit business.


While it's unfortunate Crutcher and Chandler will make some money out of it, the thought of neanderthals being bilked out of money by a couple of sleazy operators really doesn't bother me a bit.

buckets said...

He also has invited sceptics like myself to debate the movement in a "serious manner"

Serious manner? He obviously doesn't know who he's dealing with.

buckets said...

Looks like you've been lied to, BCL: Councillors are appearing as we speak.

bigcitylib said...

Ernie Slump: publishes Truckspeaker magazine, the appointment of Michaƫlle Jean put him over the top.

Jane Morgan said...

Dundas used to be with the SPA; then he went onto the Republic of Alberta, which seems to have morphed into the Republic of Western Canada.

I would not be surprised to see Gail Kondratoff's name show up in that list.

Ahh, damn separatists.... I have said it often, it defies logic to try and "unite" the separatists.

buckets said...

Like trying to organize anarchists, eh?