Thursday, January 01, 2009

Tracking Free-D John Does

As you might know if you've been following the Free D vs. Richard Warman saga, Warman has been seeking out the true identity of eight "John Does" accused of making allegedly defamatory comments about him re the infamous Lucy Posts and/or various aspects of his CHRC cases.

These people write under the names:

...klinxx, SaskBigPicture, Droid1963, conscience, Faramir, Peter O'Donnell, Padraigh, and HR-101.

Playing around on Free-D, I discovered that, back in late 2006, Connie asked members to post links to their blogs, and among those who did was Droid1963. Unfortunately, Droid blogged as "Andrew E." so I haven't got hold of his real last name yet, but there are a number bits of information on "Victoryous Canada" that can get us closer to his real identity. One of the most interesting is from his profile. Apparently, Andrew E loves

Hunting and fishing whenever possible, playing guitar in "The Cracked Pots".

"The Cracked Pots" are a gospel/blues band best known for their rousing Sunday evening shows at Calgary's Central United Church. They have been active as late as October of this year, although it is I suppose possible that "Andrew E." is no longer playing for them.

(Incidentally, you can match the picture on the front page of Victoryous Canada to these from one of Droid1963's photo-bucket albums. There's also a shot of him playing a band on a stage labelled "Central United Church". Droid1963 is definitely Andrew E.)

I've been researching a number of people on the Free-D list, and hopefully more revelations will come in the days and weeks ahead.

So watch it little Free-D pseuds hiding from your lawsuit, BCL is after you!


Dante said...

Self styled Nazi Hunter eh?

I could care less about these individuals but your fantasy role playing is so omega-male, I can't help but plead that you man up a bit.
Your blog isn't bad but you could lose the geek persona. You are starting to sound like Scott Tribe.

Reality Bites said...

Surely you're not suffering from the delusion that your opinion is valued, appreciated or res[ected? That being the case, no need to sugar coat it with "your blog isn't bad."

texasredtop said...

WOW, that's really a bit over the top. You should change your site to "bigcityloser". You really should consider getting a real life and taking an anger management class. Do you think Warman is going to give you a tip or something? LOL

Oxford County Liberals said...

Good researching BCL.

Starting to sound like me? I presume you mean that as an insult, Dante... though a) I'm amused, not insulted, and b) I'm not sure regardless I can recall a time where I did any investigations of anonymous trolls such as what BCL is doing, and c) How does investigating who a bunch of potential defamers are make BCL somehow less "manly" in your eyes Dante?

rob said...


Will you and Lucy be hunting any Muslims? Maybe Lucy will be filling an appeal with the CHRC against Montreal Imam Abou Hammaad Sulaiman Dameus Al-Hayiti?

I mean really BCL - At the speed at which you work - your like a super sleuth.

Certainly you could investigate faster than the dozen or so investigators and perhaps faster than 2.5 yrs? And I'd bet you would come with more than 20 something pages of nothing.

Perhaps you could pass some of super snoopin techniques on?