Saturday, September 19, 2009

Analysis: Sue-Ann Levy Was Too Gay For Toronto

A perspective I have not heard elsewhere, from Tristan Emmanuel (I think--he is not sole author at NA), Randy Hillier's PCPO leadership campaign manager:

In Ontario, pro-family and pro-faith advocates are questioning the Tory decision to run lesbian columnist Sue-Ann Levy. In a sharp defeat yesterday, Levy lost to Liberal candidate Dr. Eric Hoskins in the urban Toronto St. Paul’s riding. The question for both the Alberta and Ontario Tories is whether electoral success is really secured through a softening and moderation of traditional party policy principles or a return to principled, grassroots conservatism.

In my mind I see Dalton celebrating his 10th consecutive majority...


Ti-Guy said...

"Tristan Emmanuel." Is that a drag name or something?

These people are hopeless. It wasn't her lesbianism that cost her the election. It was her very conventional right wing lunacy. I can't see how providing more of that will lead to a better outcome.

Skinny Dipper said...

I didn't know Ms. Levy was a lesbian. If she and others like her are too gay for Toronto, I wonder where people who are gay would not be gay enough to run for an MPP or MP position as a Conservative candidate-- probably Lanark, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington.

Anonymous said...

Tristan Emmanuel was also Randy Hillier's campaign manager during the Ontario Conservative leadership. Hillier came fourth.

Whether it was Hillier's crackpot ideas or Emmanuel's crackpot ideas or both, it was an embarrassing show all round.

Freedom Press published Michael Coren's most recent book and that's run by --Tristan Emmanuel.
Here again, you have to look hard to find any mention of the publisher--Coren having hid it very well.

Emmanuel appeals only to the far right Christian element like those of the Free Dominion people.

Sue Ann Levy didn't win because she a shrill shrew who writes biased copy for a shrinking tabloid of the gutter press.

Yappa said...

Isn't that a safe Liberal seat? I suspect that they allowed a gay woman to run because they knew it was a throw-away, and they hope it improves their street cred - softens their image. I didn't even know she was running, although I take the St. Clair bus through that riding every day. The only signs I have seen throughout the campaign are Liberal signs.

Reality Bites said...

Hard to trade on her dubious fame as a columnist in a riding where no one would be caught dead reading her newspaper.

Northern PoV said...

In a somewhat Freudian mistake I first read your quote as "lesbian communist" rather than "columnist".

I liked Mr. Bites comment above except that the Sun really doesn't get read anywhere it is purchased - hence all the photos.

Reality Bites said...

Yappa, St. Paul's hasn't been around all that long in its current boundaries as a provincial seat, but it's the kind of seat that used to swing to the party in power and be represented by a cabinet minister until the PC and Conservative parties dropped Red Toryism. Federally it was PC during Clark and Mulroney's times in office, as well as during the Trudeau minority.

If John Tory had won the last election it likely would have gone PC. If Hudak wins the next election it probably will not.