Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Meanwhile, Out In Alberta

From the campaign of Mark Dyrholm, who is running for leader of Alberta's Wildrose Alliance Party, which has drawn the support of the the separatist Western Business and Taxpayers Association (WBTA) and other Alberta luminaries.


roblaw said...

Yup. For those of you who think the PC's are right wing in Alberta.. come the true rightwingnuts.. who's big complaint, under all the subterfuge, is we need to do more for oil companies.

bigcitylib said...

Apparently might win a seat or two as well.

Gene Rayburn said...

Ive never thought the PCs are right wing but just the party the masses are told to vote far.

I find the majority of Albertans aren't any more involved politically than any other Canadian. Its just that too many nutbars there have highspeed internet.

Im sure that when high speed has penetrated even the darkest canyons of BC we'll hear some nutty jewels then.

roblaw said...

Hey.. even a blind dog finds a bone now and again..

Alberta Altruist said...

Your too funny. I have been a member of the PC party in Alberta as well. The WRA is made up of ex-PC members who are sick and tired of the inadequate government in Alberta. It became obvious they could not balance a budget, retain it's rank in the investment community, or provide adequate health care or education. What it has done is taken away human rights as well as empower the AHRC with Bill 44. It has also taken away landowners rights with Bill 19. Rightwingnuts indeed.
I also spoke to the leader of the Lib party David Swann, unfortunately he does not seem to have a good understanding of any of these issues either, and as far as opposition here there is none. He is very quiet.
I challenge you to find anything rightwingnut in the policies of the party. As far as wingnuts every party has them, they will be sorted at the door.