Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bob Rae, Dog Killer

Could this be Bob's Qanagate and Nationgate combined? From the Facebook group Bob Rae Kills Puppies For Fun (you have to register to view), an eye-witness account:

I was walking my dog in a park, and suddenly Bob Rae came out of no where and killed my puppy. I was like, “dude!” He was like, “Hey man it was fun.” I was like “dude!” he was like, “You shouldn’t judge me for killing puppies you fascist.” Then he screwed the people of Ontario and ran away.

Yo Ted, Jason, get on it!

H/T to The Tyee's Election Central Blog.


canuckistanian said...

yes, but when he killed my puppy he stayed true to his values and drank its blood: waste not want not.

Cerberus said...

Woof woof!

Anonymous said...

Where do you find this stuff, BCL? You can't seriously be trawling places like Facebook, can you?

bigcitylib said...

No. That even I would find a bit tacky. However, someone at has no such scuples.