Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Is it Sexist to Criticize Rona Ambrose for Her Hair?

Given Belindagate, I thought I might ask. Because people are doing it, Environmentalists in fact:

"Since assuming the presidency, Rona found time away from her hairdresser to show up for about 24 hours in Bonn in May this year,'' the newsletter [from Canadian Environmental groups] says.

"But not enough for the pre-COP 12 meeting in Geneva or the G8+5 meeting in Mexico, where she just sent staff to meet with the many ministers. We were however impressed with the hair. Good hair, some might say even exceptional hair.''

Some have called the newsletter sexist, "questioning whether a bald man would have faced the same type of criticism." (Although a bald man has by definition no hair, so I don't think this line argument of even applies, but whatever).

So, kosher or not? If so, is it because she's a Conservative? A bitch? Or for some other reason? if not, why not?

My own opinion on such matters is to swing freely, by the way. Cracks about hair and hair-loss have been standard fare in Canadian politics and, historically, they have been wielded without regard to the gender of the party at the receiving end. For example, the rhetorical high point of the Oka crisis was surely when Georges Henry Erasmus of the Assembly of First Nations referred to Indian Affairs Minister Tom Siddon as "a haircut that walks like a man" (at least I think it was Georges).

Politics doesn't get any better than that.



BigCityLib-Dumb-as-a-Bag-of-Hammers said...

so progressive of the progressive ilk to make cheap hair comments.

So progressive.

bigcitylib said...

Your ticked because we thought of it first.

Guess the "Harper as pillsbury doughboy" riff does nothing for you either.

Charlie Barnard said...

I fail to see how it is sexist when men have hair too. I'm sure plenty of male politicians have been criticized for their hair, in fact I seem to remember making a crack about Gerard Kennedy's hair recently so go figure.

Ti-Guy said...

It kills me whenever I see your troll "Bigcitylib-dumb-as-a-bag-of-hammers" comment. I can just imagine what he looked like when he registered that pseudonym with Blogger...the clenched teeth, the forehead veins pulsing, the sphincter that hasn't dilated since...what a spectacle it must have been.

Uh, what was the topic again? Oh right, the vacuous airhead's hair. Frankly, it's the most complex thing about her. I think it's a denial of Rona's personhood if her hair isn't mentionned.

jeff davidson said...

to be honest, i really don't care much for her hair. it looks as though it would be stiff and unmovable, much like her government.

Anonymous said...

The feminist SHOULD say that this speaks to the negative stereotype of women being vain.

But I suspect feminists won't, because the target is a conservative women. Conservative women are fair game.

That's the issue to me.

I think the whole idea of insinuating that insulting one person is akin to insulting the whole group is ridiculous.

bigcitylib said...

So, Suzanne, are you then advocating no holds barred?

Ti-Guy said...

Conservative women are fair game.

If by "Conservative" you mean regressive, civil rights-denying troglodytes like you, then I suppose you're right. And more power to them.

WandaLady said...

"Is it Sexist to Criticize Rona Ambrose for Her Hair?"

- If you are a male, then yes it is. However lefty women such as myself can point our her fat ankles, her mousy hair and her terrible sense of colour co-ordination.

bigcitylib said...
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bigcitylib said...


If its a woman I really don't like can I, as a guy, apply to you for a kind of temporary exemption that would allow me to employ such normally sexist terminology such as "bitch", "war-pig", and the like.

WandaLady said...

Just let me know what you want to call her and I will regale her with the invectives. That will allow you to feel the satisfaction of knowing she is getting her just desserts and YOU will be exempt from all potential criticisms of 'sexist' behaviour.

(And her ankles ARE quite fat)