Sunday, November 26, 2006

Siddiqui Endorses Dion (or Failing That Rae), Disses Iggy

From this morning's Star, what seems to becoming a recurring trope among columnists and editorial writers. Here's the fun part:

[Iggy's] judgment on several domestic and foreign issues has been flawed.

He is out of tune with Canadians on the defining global issues of our age, having been an apologist for George W. Bush's Iraq war, the failed "war on terrorism" and the American empire.

He does not stand up to power, whereas one primary duty of a prime minister is to take on Washington, when needed, and fend off powerful interests at home to serve the common good.

One cannot think of a worse candidate for the Liberal leadership. Let's move on to the other serious contenders.

There you go people. Iggy is officially The Worst. Siddiqui then goes on to heap praise on Dion and Rae, but mostly Dion:

Dion is Captain Canada. As the author of the Clarity Act, he showed conviction and courage amid much abuse in his home province. Canadians owe him a deep gratitude for tethering the separatists to the rule of law, Canadian law. It is said that he is not popular in Quebec. Nor was Pierre Elliott Trudeau, at times.

It is said that Dion lacks charisma. So does Harper. And his English is better than the Prime Minister's French.

Once they get past their first-vote commitment to particular candidates, delegates to the Liberal convention should vote for Dion, and if he falls off the ballot, to switch to Rae, one of the most articulate politicians of our age, in either language.

And there you have it.

It's early, and I'm feeling too lazy to attempt anything like analysis. I can't even think of a good anti-Iggy insult at the moment.

I shall try harder later in the day.


Anonymous said...

It was odd they way Siddiqui praised Kennedy but in the next breath basically said he didn't feel a need to endorse him know because he was young and could be a future leader...

"Kennedy has charisma, idealism, passion and youth on his side, but also time. If he does not win this race, he'll likely be the heir presumptive for the next round."

...Based on this rational, I guess an interesting campaign slogan for Rae or Dion could be "vote for me now, I am too old for another leadership".

Somehow I doubt they will take Siddiqui's suggested messaging.

Anonymous said...

Based on this rational, I guess an interesting campaign slogan for Rae or Dion could be "vote for me now, I am too old for another leadership

How do you conclude this? Suggesting someone needs more experience doesn't mean anyone else is too old.

*tsk* Silly trolls...

Anonymous said...

Dion is no Captain Canada. He was a coward on this Nation Motion and gave in to Ignatieff and Harper.

He has lost my vote.