Monday, November 20, 2006

Wave of Righteousness is Rising

...and the flaming swords are coming out.

Richard from Let Freedom Reign blogs today re. The Little Black Book for Girlzz today. He fails to mention that this teen lesbian sex manual is funded, or rather "funded", to the tune of $1.5 million, by Stephen Harper's Conservative government. Covering up for your allegedly Holy Conservative brothers, Richard?

You should be telling your readers to act up instead! The Little Black book for Girlzz seems to have been and Industry Canada project, and if you want to send a quick email to Maxime "Dental Dam" Bernier, Minister of Industry and Depravity, his email is


Richard said...

Sorry amigo but the book was written in 2001 under funding by a Liberal government...

bigcitylib said...

Posted online by a Conservative government in 2006. Publisher still funded by a Conservative government in 2006.

Where is the outrage?

Anonymous said...

There isn't any outrage....not from Conservative males, at any rate. All their wives have purchased a copy of the book. They figured they may as well go lesbo, since all their husbands can to these days is obsess about man-sex.

Richard said...

If that were the case I'd buy-into what you're saying. I spent considerable time this weekend looking for this "industry Canada posting" but couldn't find it. If you have a link to the same, please provide it as I'm at a loss.

Further, St. Stephen's House has scrubbed any and all reference to the publication from their site. I followed a lot of links from other sites that all seemed to dead-end here:

Further still, St. Stephen's House isn't a publisher. Here's what they say about themselves:

St. Stephen's Community House is a unique, community-based social service agency that has been serving the needs of Kensington Market and surrounding neighbourhoods in downtown West Toronto since 1962.

On May 24, 1974, St. Stephen's Community House became an independent, incorporated not-for-profit charitable organization, and a United Way member agency.

We offer services such as:

* Life sustaining supports for homeless and socially isolated people
* Activities for at-risk youth
* Child care for growing families
* Employment services for youth and adults
* Settlement assistance and English classes for new Canadians
* Services for frail and isolated seniors
* Health and wellness promotion for women, families and people living with or at-risk of contracting HIV/AIDS
* Mediation to solve interpersonal disputes
* Agency-wide volunteer opportunities
* Community access to the Internet
* Access to space for community meetings, self-help and arts groups

I don't know how they got into publishing but the regular work they do seems to justify some funding.

As far as I can tell, based on the information at hand, the book was a one-off mistake, they got spanked for it and now they're moving forward. Anything else is speculation...

bigcitylib said...

As thee Canada Free Press and Lifesite stories make more than clear if you read them, the document at the Industry Canada website was pulled in September. Harper is complicit, baby, COMPLICIT!

Richard said...

So you're still blaming the conservatives for an error they fixed 3 months ago?