Monday, November 17, 2008

Your Morning Giggle

OTTAWA—With the paucity of Liberal candidates and looming economic troubles, there are some Liberal insiders dreaming of a Paul Martin return to power.

Didn't someone hand this guy his gold watch already?

Totally unsourced. Authored by Sheila Copps. Hmm. I sense somebody struggling with a slow news cycle.


Reality Bites said...

That would certainly explain Kinsella's return working for someone else.

But seriously (which is a way I can't take this story), Martin's return would be like Joe Clark's return to the PC party. It would signal the end of the Liberals as a major party.

bigcitylib said...

I agree. If it were to happen, cue the Zombie jokes.

Mark said...

Isn't the only real joke here the author herself? Seriously, how could anyone publish this nonsense?

Reality Bites said...

Well I'm sure someone, somewhere has said it. Who it was, and how serious they were, is up for debate. Is it newsworthy? Not, IMO, without a name attached to it. And not just any name. Stephen LeDrew or Ray Heard, or other has-beens who talk just to hear the sound of their own voice don't count.

How often have you heard people say (usually the day after the debates) "I wish the BQ ran candidates across the country"? Doesn't mean there's a snowball's chance in hell of it happening.

One could certainly make a strong case, back in 2006, that a fairly narrow loss to Harper was no reason for Martin to resign, but he did resign, and coming back now would be a joke.

If, however, after a new leader is chosen, Martin were to announce he wants to run in the next election and serve as a loyal cabinet minister or member of the shadow cabinet, there'd be nothing wrong with that. Other former leaders - like Clark, Broadbent and Alexa McDonough have done so successfully, and in Martin's case, serving as a loyal cabinet minister would be an exciting new career challenge.