Monday, December 01, 2008

Quebec Is Down With It

76% support a coalition if the Conservatives are defeated, while only 9% want another election.

62% would support BQ representation in cabinet, while only 33% are opposed, as is Gilles Duceppe.

56% do not want Stéphane Dion to be Prime Minister in the coalition government, while only 38% do.

The Bloc québécois now is at 36%, the Liberals at 28% (an increase of 5 points since the election) 15% support the NDP and 15% the Conservatives (a drop of 7 points).

Finally, some real polls on the issue. I would expect to see similar drops in Conservative levels country wide, with the possible exception of Alberta. Although maybe, given the tortured response to the crisis at Project Alberta, there too. Lots of peoplethere seem to think Harper tossed this one down the well.

In any case, the Tory strategy--hoping Canadian's are too stupid to understand that a Coalition government is constitutionally legitimate--does not appear to be holding up.


Antonio said...



please make the elections stop

my eyes are bleeding

Reality Bites said...

I just wanted to mention, since no one else is talking about it anymore, that whether or not the coalition goes ahead, the chances of gutting the Human Rights Act are now effectively nil.

In prison terms, Stephen Harper is now Stéphane Dion's bitch.

Degenerasian said...

I can see support for Harper going down in Alberta as well. I live in Harper's riding and I believe he has royally messed this up and needs to resign.

However, it's mind-boggling to see a leader who abstained from voting on any bill for a year, ran one of the worst campaigns ever where 75% of Canadians rejected him, going to resign as party leader in May, becoming the new PM of Canada in a coalition government.

Paul S said...

". . . the chances of gutting the Human Rights Act are now effectively nil." - Reality Bites

Too late RB. Through bureaucratic incompetence, Canada's HRC's have been busy discrediting themselves.

Paul S said...

Even Jeffrey Simpson is highlighting the folly of the Liberals in this theatre of the absurd.

"Do they really want to form a coalition that would be dependent on its parliamentary life on support from the Bloc Québécois, the party that wants to break up Canada but in the meantime would politically extort a king's ransom for Quebec?"

And concludes:

"The Liberals . . . might want to think a little harder."


bigcitylib said...


I've been discredited many times and it never bothered me. CHRC is still there, still rockin' out!

Ti-Guy said...

Can we have a "Paul S. Drop Dead!" day? A blog-burst, perhaps?

Paul S said...

BCL, I don't expect the CHRC to disappear but I would hardly say they are "rockin' out". It seems apparent that they are suited for mostly minor, garden variety complaints. But assessing/investigating/prosecuting truly serious and possibly criminal infringements of Canadian's right? Not so much.

PS. Ti, I feel the love too.