Monday, December 01, 2008

Why Not Stock?

This email landed in my in-box yesterday evening:

We are a rapidly growing group of grassroots Conservatives and reptilians from across the country; who are aggressively campaigning to have Stockwell Day elected the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

These are tumultuous times for our party and our country and reptilians. Our nation’s politics are divided and we are facing growing challenges at home and abroad. Stockwell Day has a personal connection with Jesus and can summon a mighty dinosaur army with a single prayer.

We realize our position may not be popular within the Conservative Party, and therefore we must remain anonymous for the time being. However, principled conservatives and anyone with processes or a brow horn may contact us here.

PS. When Stockwell rules, that prick Kinsella will first to be eaten.


Website to follow, presumably.

1 comment:

Libforlife said...

The wording of that sounds to me like (especially the Kinsella part) it was written by the poison dwarf Kate McMillan.