Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Harper Hanging With Crazies (ie Andrew Lawton)

Prime Minister Harper went on Andrew Lawton's show?  To bash dark skinned foreigners and liberals? That's a pretty low move, even for this campaign.  Andrew's history of Muzzie baiting can be seen here, for example.  So it looks like Harper is using the Niqab thing to reconnect with his lunatic base. But its interesting that he thinks they need to be given such personal attention at this point in the campaign.  As I've said occasionally in the past, Harper and Co. have made efforts to distance himself from these people in order to be seen as fit to govern  Now suddenly he thinks he needs them all on-side.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Trudeau Vs. Suzuki: A Brief Note

Friday, September 25, 2015

The Problem With Hosting Trolls

As you can see, The Sun chain of newspapers (now part of Post Media) have decided to kill off the comments section to most of their stories.  But all is not lost!

...we will continue to post our stories, columns and editorials on social media, including Twitter and Facebook, and you will be able to comment on them there as you always have.

In other words, the trolls can still have the cheap seats.   But there may be a problem.  They've apparently tried this before:

Not a surprise, since the non-Sun PM sites did this awhile ago. That said, a few years ago, a similar ban on comments was attempted by the Suns. PKP was all for it. Then the web traffic just cratered.... and comments were allowed again. So it will be interesting to see what occurs since, these days, clicks are all that count.

In other words, while you and I may call them the scum of the Earth,  the sun chain calls them readers and they need 'em to to convince advertisers to place banner ads on their various websites.  So, a conundrum.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Leap Manifesto: Naomi Klein, Communism, and The Hollywood Hippys

CBC says:

"This is a document that was written collectively," [author Naomi] Klein said, flanked by national indigenous Anglican bishop Mark MacDonald and environmentalist and broadcaster David Suzuki.  Actor Tantoo Cardinal, author Joseph Boyden and newly crowned Mrs.Universe Ashley Callingbull were also at the press conference.

...which is good to know, because the IQ emenating from this document surely reflects some lowest common mental denominator.  And its fucking out there.  Among other things, it proposes a kind of Universal Law of NIMBYISM with respect to energy projects.  In technical language, Klein's bunch are BANANAs.  They write:

The new iron law of energy development must be: if you wouldn’t want it in your backyard, then it doesn’t belong in anyone’s backyard.

...which dictum, if ever followed, would pretty clearly result in no clean energy projects ever being built in Ontario ever again.  Because its not just wind people hate; they bitch about solar, too.  In fact, people will bitch about anything.  Deciding a priori that all their bitches are worthy is ridiculous. The iron law also borders on rejecting the notion that a man, within a certain regulatory framework,should be able to use his property as he sees fit.  That the fate of what was previously considered private land is determined...communally.  Lets just put it that way: communally.

You can't really blame Tom Mulcair for this stink-bomb, though people will anyway, and he has a couple options for dealing with it.  One is silence.  This whole bag of silliness is  an elaborate stunt by Naomi Klein on behalf of her hubby's new film at TIFF.  The controversy will leave town with her and the Hollywood crowd.  Or Mulcair could emulate Bill Clinton when he repudiated Sister Souljah; ie during one of his appearances Mulcair could do the rhetorical equivalent of dragging a hippy on stage and kicking them to death.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Life In Scarborough: A Lost Generation Of Scarborough Youth

Was on the bus today, and listening to a couple of young kids talk about rock music.  One of them wore a Motley Crue t-shirt, out of teenage irony.  Another one thought Alice Cooper was a girl.

These kids are doomed.  You can't get through life with this low degree of cultural knowledge. There's no hope for them other than gangsterism.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

In The Internet Age You Have To Watch Your Fringe Candidates

Nothing wrong with this piece.  Candidate fuck-ups are stories finished in a day.  But of course, as Tim Powers notes, you lose that day's news-cycle. There's a way to think of it in economic terms; the money you spent that day to get your message out has gone up the flue.  So when someone like Jago greases a Tory, you can measure what it cost the campaign in cold hard cash.  "Winning the debate" is nice.  Making them bleed money is better.

The Story Of Gerry Bance

From Canadian Cincinnatus, some background:

I attended the Conservative nomination meeting, which was held this spring, in order to support my favoured candidate, Paul Egli, a retired and distinguished businessman. In the contested nomination flight, Egli sold about three hundred memberships and felt pretty good about himself. In contrast, Bance sold over a thousand memberships and most of them showed up that night to vote for him. Egli was buried. The attendance at nomination meeting was bigger than at any nomination meeting I have ever attended – by an order of magnitude.

Gerry Bance, you see, is that character that should be familiar to anybody who has ever been involved in riding-level politics: the ethnic fixer, somebody who wields mysterious power over the people in his own ethnic community. In a democracy where the guiding principle is one man, one vote, somebody who can mobilize a thousand voters out to a nomination meeting is a powerful man indeed. Gerry Bance is (or was) such a man in the Tamil community.

More through the link.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Another Day Spent Off-Message

Conservative candidate Jerry Bance was caught on CBC-TV's Marketplace in 2012 urinating in a homeowner's coffee mug and dumping the contents into the sink.

I'm betting the guy gets sacked by dawn and Harper takes no questions during tomorrow's GTA visit.

PS.  This guy apparently ran for CPC previously.  They've been in power 9 years and this is the kind of talent they attract in T.O.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Life In Scarborough: Scarborough Monday Nights

Stuck waiting for my wife t'other night, I hung around the Markham/Eglinton bus stop. The parking lot of our local Metro turns into the neighborhood meeting spot after dark.  Guys toting Goodlife bags get on and off the bus in steady streams, coming and going from the nearby gym and saying hello to one another as they pass at the stop.  There's a long bench against a big stone planter between the stop and the Beer Store where old Sri Lankan men gather on hot afternoons to drink tall-cans under  planted shrubs.  Now they have been joined by rough local kids of various racial persuasions, and an old hippy in the wheel chair who keeps his beer in the side-pocket, and a scrawny old rocker chick who is passed out on the grass when I get there, but who wakes  20 minutes later, sits up, and is welcomed back to consciousness with cheerful hellos from the gathered rummies. This is a Monday night before 9 pm, mind you.