Friday, May 13, 2022

Public Drinkin': T.O. Is Poised To Create Heaven On Earth, But Do I Approve?

Next summer T.O. plans to let you drink publicly, or at least in parks and on beaches.   So far so awesome, but I have questions.  For example, does the parking lot in front of Walmart count as a public park?  If not, what is the point of the legislation?  That's where the LCs and the beer-stores are to start with.  And what is the definition of "a glass"?  As far as I'm concerned a bottle in a bag is a glass with a slightly unorthodox shape and permanent storage capabilities (ie. the cap, until you drop it or throw it away).  Again, we are left awaiting details.  

The city further notes that any site cleared for public consumption of alcohol will need bathroom facilities; luckily, in Scarborough, that can mean some trees behind a gas station.

In related news, T.O. also plans to have extra security in the parks starting this summer, so homeless folk won't gather around their campfires to tell stories, sing songs, and pitch tents for shelter. When the new public drinking laws come into effect this is going to cause conflict.  For who can tell the difference between sleeping homeless and some gentlemen sipping whiskey in the bush next to Gold's Gym who grew weary and were cuddling for warmth?  Not everyone carries the deed to their property with them everywhere, and yet under certain interpretations of the new by-law, this second group is OK because they are landowners.  Maybe the city could design some kind of app thing so when the park cops show up you can flash them a certified scan of your land titles records.  

Also, maybe these new park cops could be issued cork-screws for emergencies.  Some of us fancy types drink wine; not all the bottles come with twist-off tops..

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Richard Warman on The New Section 13

 Pretty similar to the old Section 13, with a few twists, is the gist of it.  I am just summarizing, so go look at the stuff through the link.  Richard doesn't do much in the way of archiving:

1. It’s basically the same thing as the old s. 13 but explicitly doesn’t apply to social media companies...

2. The Bill provides the Commission with the ability to protect anonymity of a complainant – s. 40(8)...

3. Provides explicit power to dismiss a complaint as vexatious if there is no indication of hate speech in the material complained of...

4. Most of the remedies the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal can grant if a complaint relating to online hate is upheld remain the same (a permanent injunction and possible damages if someone is specifically targeted by the online hate). The only change is the potential penalty clause has been increased from $10,000 to $50,000...

5. The Tribunal can now order costs against a party for an abuse of process in relation to the Tribunal inquiry – see s. 53(2)...

I am looking forward this next go round.  Pretty much all of the specific claims against the old Section 13 were proven false and often defamatory of one party or another.  It will be difficult for the CPC or their surrogates to mount any attack against the new version that moves beyond broad, vague claims.  

Saturday, August 22, 2020

IDEAS THAT MATTER: The COVID Crisis--Are The Youths Trying to Kill Us?

I have often felt sad over the state of The Youths.  What with robots coming for their jobs and Climate Change, their future seems lacking.  But by the time its obvious that their lives will be a dystopian dead-end I will myself be retired and tucked safe away in a cottage somewhere, so I was never arsed enough to do anything about it.  Maybe that makes me  part of the problem.  

That aside,  the way the youths are misbehaving these days in regards to COVID-19--having parties and unprotected sex and then coming home and coughing on their elders...Well, I suspect a conspiracy.  They're engaging in Wealth Redistribution by stealth.  Go to your sex party, then later visit grandma and give her a hug.  Cough discretely.  If nothing happens, then nothing happens.  If she goes, maybe she left you a wad of cash, or maybe she left you The Daltons (fancy teacups, worth a wad of cash).

Friday, March 13, 2020

Life In Scarborough: The Plague Journal, Day II

Visited The Elsy (LCBO) today.  I notice that while they're knifing each other over toilet paper at the Walmart across the parking lot, here everything is calm.  People believe that Water and wipes are essential, booze some kind of peripheral benefit.  These people are fools!  Give it a couple of weeks, when they have all been forced to spend time at home WITH THEIR CHILDREN!  No Porn.  No sports but for  UFC fighting and repeats of Ali vs.Antonio Inoki   They will cry out for the sweet darkness that alcohol brings!

I will liquidate my stock of toilet paper on the toilet paper Dark Net, buy Pabst up the yin-yan and in April gouge these pathetic yokels until they squeal!   BOOYAH!

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Life In Scarborough: The Plague Journal, Day I

This evening at the local Metro  I saw something resembling "panic buying".  Not quite at that point. Nobody got violent.  More like the kind of lineups you see before the Superbowl or a long-weekend.  Except everyone, everyone, was buying toilet paper and bottled water.  Nobody was buying beer.

Which doesn't make any sense: you buy toilet paper and bottled water when you're expecting the Zombie apocalypse, or basic services to fail, not when you're expecting a sharp economic downturn. 

I wonder if these people know something I don't?

Saturday, January 18, 2020

On The Existence of Street Pianos In Toronto Community Centers

I used to be totally against them.  It was always some no-talent eight year old plinking out a ghastly version of Chopsticks and you can't tell them they suck or STFU! because their parents will get upset and report you to the facility staff because you haven't positively uplifted  their precious snowflake.

But now I am actually listening to some guy with honest-to-gawd training and it isn't so bad.  He's playing some classical shit.  "BA DA LOONG DOONG DOONG PING!  PING! PING! PING!  BA DA LOONG DOONG DOONG PING!  PING! PING! PING!"  Maybe Mozart.  Definitely not Zep, and not that Billy Eyelash kid.  You notice she's always getting nose-bleeds, by the way?  In every video I watch.  She's anemic and she should see a doctor.  And her brother, who writes her stuff,  should go into a used music store somewhere and buy an electric guitar.  They're probably cheap as fuck these days because  young musicians don't know what to do with them.  Billy's brother could rediscover the power chord or something.

In any case, he should buy his Sis some iron tablets.

As for these electric guitar thingys.  They use them in the video below.  Young people should take note.  They would make your music suck way less.