Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tory Medal Recipient Back In Slammer!

TORONTO, Ontario, October 30, 2012 ( – Newly honored Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal recipient Linda Gibbons was arrested outside the “Morgentaler Clinic” abortion site on Hillsdale Avenue East in Toronto at about 10:45 a.m. this morning.

Background here.

They Call Them Political Parties...

...because you always have to look like you're having one.  And Justin does.  Sure his party sometimes looks like its going to become an all night kegger, but he keeps advisers around to make sure that doesn't happen.  Never underestimate how far an outgoing, enthusiastic personality can take you in politics.

As for Forum, does it even matter anymore if their polls are crap, since crappy polls are all that's on offer these days?  They're basically treating their surveys as adverts for the company, and its working. Read the papers these days and you'd think they're the only polling firm in Canada.

Who Has Sponsored The Shaidle's Latest Israel Trip?

Last time around, it was emphatically not Canada-Israel Committee (CIC),  though one of their reps went along.  The whole junket was planned in (semi) secret, as though the sponsor was ashamed of what they were carting along with them, and when a picture of the CIC rep in question appeared on the website of Shaidle's hubby, it was swiftly disappeared.  Now the CIC has been folded into CIJA; so are these folks behind the latest adventure of Canada's most famous racist couple?  That would be extremely disappointing.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This Story Could Blow Sky High

TORONTO – The Federal Conservatives rejected the suggestion on Tuesday that they sat on an extradition request from the United States for a businessman who is close to senior cabinet ministers.

Nathan Jacobson, a philanthropist and businessman who was friendly with Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, was arrested Thursday in his Toronto home on a provisional warrant granted after a request by the federal justice department.

The guy helped process payments from "adult" sites, among other things. And I've heard worse stuff about him. The issue politically is, everyone knows him. Leftys, Rightys, in-between-ys. He's a genuinely friendly, charismatic guy. If he goes down, who goes down with him?  Does his downfall trend Left or Right?

Opportunities For Blogging At Ontario Liberal Leadership Convention?

Are there going to be any?  I'm told that the big do will be held at Maple Leaf Gardens, the site of so many glorious victories these last years.  One rumor says it will be an old fashioned delegated convention.  Another says the potentials will just get drunk and draw straws.

In any case, the federal NDP let us bloggers all in for free, and gave us a place to set up and write from.  Frankly, they made it too difficult to get at the free food and booze--you had to swap a single MSM pass-card back and forth among bloggers and then fight Postmedia guys for a last lick from the bottom of the whiskey bottle--but they tried.  Nevertheless, Ontario Libs Should be able top their performance easily.  Because Libs are supposed to be the normal folk--you show up at one of their parties, and you get fed, liquored up, and maybe even laid.  Just like going to a neighbor's BBQ.

Monday, October 29, 2012

If This Ever Goes Through, I Got Dibs On "Haywood J. Blome"

Sixth Estate laments Dean Del Maestro's proposed ban on anonymous comments, missing an obvious countermeasure were it to become law.

Incidentally, P.P. "Weiner" is also a good one, because he's a real person.

PS.  Needless to say Dean Del Maestro is stupid, and his stupid idea is also stupid.  But, more than anything else, its doomed to ignominious failure.

PPS.  Yes, he is a real person.

The Tory War On Brains

The cancellation of the  long form census has already degraded the nation's primary knowledge product:

OTTAWA -- Prime Minister Stephen Harper's cancellation of the long-form census has started to take a toll on Statistics Canada's data.

The agency released its final segment of the 2011 census last week, focusing on languages. However it included a big warning that cautions data-users about comparing key facts against censuses of the past. That's because the cancellation of the long-form census forced Statscan to move language questions on to the mandatory short-form.

Statscan's lead analyst says repositioning the questions likely prompted people to answer them differently, especially when it came to questions about mother tongue and languages used at home.

As a result, Jean-Pierre Corbeil says the census is probably not accurately capturing the mother tongue of large numbers of immigrants who came to Canada over the past few years.He also says it's likely overstating the number of people who have English as their mother tongue.

Note that the problem with the data  noted here is not even among those most often flagged by critics of the government change.  Therefore expect unforeseen problems to crop up along side of the foreseen ones.

In any case, not content, the Tories have decided to go after the NRC:

OTTAWA - Nearly 100 of Canada's top researchers and scientists are facing layoffs in what the NDP science and technology critic says is just the "tip of the iceberg" in what appears to be the Conservative government's plan to slash funding for basic research and focus instead on research that's industry-driven.

"There's a much larger game afoot but it's being rolled out in a really stealthy way," said Kennedy Stewart, the NDP critic for science and technology. "When we look back in a couple of years we'll see that it really is part of a larger plan and it will probably have an impact on our international standing."

Which is to say that the indices that measure international performance in basic research will all show Canada ranking lower.  A plot to render the nation incapable of doing anything but hewing wood and hauling bitumen?

Friday, October 26, 2012

New Titus Andronicus

The latest from my favorite "art punk" band:

...sounding quite Clash-like.  Older stuff here.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ezra, Hate Speech, And Sun TV: Shit That May Or May Not Be Going Down

From Dr. Roy:

I was on Sun Tv with Jerry Agar ( replacing Ezra ).

From that horrid social networking device know as Twitter:
Not sure of the provenance of this last item, as George Smiley might say, but I will note that @sunnewsmedia stills gets you results via google but seems gone from the twitterverse.

This of course is a follow-up to that.

Ezra Levant...My Part In His Downfall

Well,it finally happened:

On Thursday October 11, 2012, Toronto's Roma Community Centre officially reported a hate crime to the Toronto Police Services and an investigation is now underway.

This was in response to overtly racist, prejudicial, and demeaning statements made by Sun News Network commentator, Ezra Levant, which were broadcast live on television throughout Canada.

And indeed the Toronto police have confirmed that an investigation is underway.  The way these things work is they will interview everyone involved, including Ezra, and then decide whether or not to approach the attorney general.  So Ezra will get a chance to do his whole "outraged" act, as with the gal from the Alberta Human Rights Commission back in 2008:

God, those were the days.

And I'll tell you a true story. Back in 2008 I was an up-and-coming blogger, and Ezra in the process of crashing and burning The Western Standard.  He had bragged on his own blog that there would be some awesome video footage coming next morning, and to stay tuned for the exclusive.  But me, realizing the time difference between here and Alta., got up early and pinched the footage off his youtube channel before he could post it, then shopped the link to NN and other news outlets.  The rest, as they say, is history...the Neo-Nazis, the lawsuits, the repeal of S13.

Remember, old Ez didn't have much clout at the time; if he had pushed the story it probably would have gone nowhere.  So in a way he owes me for relaunching his career.  He couldn't have moved out of his dad's basement, come to Toronto and made himself a Fox News North Super Star, without my help.

Mind you, he also wouldn't have been able to launch his Anti-Roma rant and get himself investigated. Now the guy might wind up doing slammer time, married to the inmate with the most cigarettes. Funny how things go.  Its almost like Life is a Wheel, that goes up before it goes down...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ontario Libs Only 10 Points Down

An Angus-Reid poll taken after McGuinty resigned and prorogued although, as Volkov notes, not long enough afterwards for the news to have really sunk in.  Still, Hudak has blown bigger leads before. Hopefully, news like this will convince some of the leadership potentials that its still a job worth pursuing.

PS. Not that moving that gas plant wasn't the worst sort of pandering.  The Ontario Libs really laid an egg with that one.

Senator Jim Munson On The Repeal CHRA Hate Speech Provisions

An argument mentioned briefly here, but not particularly widely circulated.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Suck On It Mark Steyn

Climate scientist Michael Mann has finally filed his lawsuit:

Today, the case of Dr. Michael E. Mann vs. The National Review and The Competitive Enterprise Institute was filed in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. Dr. Mann, a Professor and Director of the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University, has instituted this lawsuit against the two organizations, along with two of their authors, based upon their false and defamatory statements accusing him of academic fraud and comparing him to a convicted child molester, Jerry Sandusky. Dr. Mann is being represented by John B. Williams of the law firm of Cozen O'Connor in Washington, D.C. 

Mark Steyn's piece was the one in The National Review.  His defense, as far as I can parse it, is that when he accused Mr. Mann of committing fraud, he was not accusing him of committing fraud.  As I wrote at the time:

Frankly, I know of nowhere that a reader, be they careful or careless, could interpret the term "fraudulent" when applied to a scientist's work as implying anything less than that they were guilty of scientific misconduct (the kind of thing they discuss here) or straight out fraud.  I am unaware of any place the term has been used  merely to state that the scientist's work is incorrect.  This is quite a bit different than the situation with "blackmail", where there is an established colloquial sense that is weaker than the more precise legal sense (the colloquial sense does not entail criminality where the more legal sense does). 

I will try and find out if there is a method of donating to Mr. Mann's cause.  As most good Canadians, I would love to see Mr. Steyn tarred and feathered, but a successful lawsuit is likely to be the best result attainable.

Sue-Ann Levy, In Flames

Man, social media is just poison.  Twitter destroys careers the way Facebook breaks up marriages. I'm almost feeling sorry for Sue-Ann Levy at this point. I'm just barely managing to avoid it. 

PS.  Go here to watch the crash&burn unfold in real time.

Go For It

The next premier of Ontario will almost certainly face a spring election.

I like elections.  In fact I don't think we have enough of them.  In fact between elections I like to organize "pick up" elections with my fellow bloggers to pass time until the real ones.  In any case, between now and the Spring I will start camping out at Randy Hillier's Facebook Page and wait for him to say something that sends Tim Hudak into conniptions. It happens, as night follows day.  Also:

In the mean time, jockeying to lead the Liberals is well under way with sources saying Municipal Affairs Minister Kathleen Wynne has retained a campaign manager and will announce her candidacy soon.

Kathleen's my gal.  I remember her from back in the old C4LD days.  She's badass.

PS.  No predictions, but if I had to, I would give Andrea Horwath a better shot at forming the next government than Tim Hudak.  People look at him and think "squirrely".

Monday, October 22, 2012

Congrats To Richard Warman

On Saturday Ottawa Centre NDP MP Paul Dewar gave out two politically-charged [Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee] medals, one to outspoken defence analyst Steven Staples of the left-leaning Rideau Institute and another to former Canadian Human Rights Commission lawyer Richard Warman, who has been vilified by some conservatives for his advocacy of hate-speech [prosecutions].

Meanwhile (from the article through the link) Torys are handing out these same medals to jail-birds. Apparently they hide them inside of cakes when they visit or, according to one rumor I've heard, they "hoop 'em".  Google that one.

 But why spoil the vibe with grotty details?  Good going Richard.  I hear those medals can get you into any disco in Ottawa.

PS. Reading it again, that last line is presumably a major bung-up on Glen McGregor's part.  Add "legislation" to the end of it and you're in the right ball-park.  And hopefully Mr. McGregor will make a quick change.  Otherwise the Leader-Post may inadvertently land in "get your balls sued off" territory.

PPS. Change made.  I've added the correction in square brackets.

Alberta Oil Not So Ethical

An international group of ethical funds with investments in Alberta's oilsands is concerned the industry's environmental performance could be creating financial risk.


Ceres considers greenhouse gas emissions a risk because the industry's rosy forecasts of U.S. export growth don't account for the potential impact of low-carbon fuel standards, now under consideration or implemented in 14 U.S. states.

Ceres estimated in 2010 that if such regulations eventually cover half of the U.S. market, the export potential for oilsands crude would be reduced by 25 per cent. If such regulations were implemented federally, markets for the oilsands fuel could shrink by a third.

Ceres is these guys.  So, hardly enviro terrorists.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Heritage Minister Wants High-school Students To Suffer Through Cdn. History

I remember a university prof that  told me in first year that the sum of Cdn history was a battle between the feds and the provinces over who could sell liquor where.  And, as far as I'm concerned, truer words were never spoken.  Teach Cdn history to high-school  kids and they will either drop out, slit their wrists, or go smoke crack in the parking lot.  Seriously not good for the nation. 

And d'you know that suicide rates go up in any high-school where they're forced to listen to O'Canada?  D'you know that  the UN wanted to label the playing of it as being against The Geneva Conventions but G.W Bush. and Israel ganged up to derail the motion?  That's why I had so much hope for that rap version they released years ago.  But, in the end, it too turned out to be crap.

Its Usefulness At An End?

A brief note on an otherwise uneventful Saturday.  There has been no new material added to the Ethical Oil website since September 10th.  The same thing applies to their twitter feed. Furthermore, most of the people that took over from creators Ezra Levant and Alykhan Velshi seem to have left the project. Kathryn Marshall hasn't had much to say since her demotion.   And (something I had missed previously) Jordan Graham quit after a mere two months, deciding that he didn't want to live in Ottawa. Before September 10th posts were coming at a rate of one or two per week.  Worth noting that, as these posts accumulated, opposition to the Northern Gateway Project  rose inexorably.

Has the money behind the AstroTurf asked these folks to kindly STFU?  Wouldn't surprise me.

Friday, October 19, 2012

The New Head Of Environment Canada On What Causes Global Warming

“Wow. Umm. They didn’t tell me I’d have to answer questions like that when I took this job. I think that it’s – I don’t know the total answer to that –,”

Wow indeed.

Please Just Go Away

Now I'm going to have to vote for that Borys guy.

Gruending On Chaplains In Prisons

If the changes introduced by Minister Toews are not really about cutting costs, then what is going on? The best analysis that I have seen is from Stephen Maher for Postmedia News. “Toew’s decision,” he wrote, “fits the pattern of this government regarding groups of people whom devout elements of their electoral base dislike.”


Mr. Harper’s problem is that if he gives too much to his socially and religiously conservative base, he will alienate many other Canadian voters who want nothing to do with this agenda. In this context, dropping the part-time chaplaincy for inmates is  an easy and painless way to provide crumbs to that base, even as the government withholds the loaf.

Best explanation I've heard.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

See Kelly Block's Disgusting Flyer!!!

A nice take-down can be found here.  Although I would note to the author Mr. Mandryk that at least they're aren't after Hunkys anymore. No.  The Harper government has more or less randomly chosen Hungarians as their scapegoat du jour.  They're thinking a few moves ahead, post Afghan mission.  Who do we  get the base to hate next, after the Muzzys?

Changes At The National Post

Dear Reader:

You will notice a some changes to your print edition of the National Post beginning today.

The paper, already a three-section product in most of the country from Monday to Friday, will follow much the same format in Toronto. As a result, the Sports and Arts & Life sections will be merged.

In all editions, Sports, with our dynamic mix of columnists including Bruce Arthur, Cam Cole, Sean Fitz-Gerald and Mike Traikos, will front the section Monday to Thursday.  On other days however, Mr. Arthur will be forced to play theater critic, though he frankly can't stand anything on screen or stage that doesn't include kung-fu fighting.  Cam Cole will  take up the role of travel columnist, and may travel as far as the bus can take him.  He can also lie about places he's been too, if he wants.  We don't give a shit.  As long as the result is 500 words and we're not out the price of a plane ticket.  As for Sean Fitz-Gerald, he'll see double duty in our homes and garden section, spend the rest of his days writing about bathroom tiles.  The fucker.  And  that prick Traikos gets stuck with the obits.

Why?  Because we can.  Because these clowns NEED the work  Because they know if they give back a word of lip they're down the road for good. Because the only good thing about being captain of a sinking ship is you get to throw everyone else overboard first.  Because we hate our jobs and our lives and want our employees to feel the same, so they quit before we have to fire them and give them packages.

We hope you continue to buy and read the National Post.  In fact, we get down on our knees and beg you too. We're just this fucking close to the edge, and our kids all need braces.  Who will pay for them if Daddy is out on the street?

The Publishers
National Post

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NDP MP Rudely Awakened?

No.  Bored stiff, maybe.  Definitely not asleep.  But does this mean that the CPoC war-room has woken up for the season?

Refuting Lorrie Goldstein On AGW

Not really something worth doing, because its only The Sun, but since it won't take very long...

In his commentary on the much ballyhooed David Rose story in the weekend Daily Mail (UK), Goldstein writes:

One problem with determining whether the Earth is warming is that it’s hard to measure.

The Met says 1998 was the warmest year on record, meaning in the past 132 years for which reliable temperature data exist.

NASA, another leading global climate monitoring agency, says 2005 and 2010 tied as the warmest years.

Interpreting temperature trends obviously depends on what years you choose.

If you pick 1997-2012, as Rose did, the Earth hasn’t warmed significantly for almost 16 years.

Well, no, in their response to the Daily Mail story, which Goldstein actually references but perhaps did not read, The Met provided this graphic (which, in addition to being informative, is really quite pretty):
Not only does it show that eight of the ten hottest years were recorded in the last decade, it shows both 2010 and 2005 as being hotter than 1998.  Who knows how Goldstein managed to bung this one up?  It is true enough, though, that the ranking for the various years can change retroactively as more data becomes available.  Nevertheless, since March of this year, all the relevant sources, including The Met, have shown 2010 and 2005 as being warmer than 1998.  Perhaps Goldstein has simply not kept up.

PS. As for Mr. Rose, the guy has a long history of misquoting scientists.

Update On Roma Vs. Kenney

Members of Toronto’s Roma Community Centre will disassociate itself from a number of other groups protesting a reception for Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney--who will be honoured by the Canadian Friends of Haifa University (CFHU) on Nov. 4 at the Fairmount Royal York hotel-- to symbolically show that  they are not anti-Israel, merely oppose Kenney’s Bill C-31, which they feel unfairly targets the Roma community.

Everyone's favorite human rights activist and Jewish community leader Bernie Farber, who has been helping the RCC prepare their hate-speech complaint against Ezra Levant, will nevertheless be attending the Kenney presentation as a guest:

Farber, who will attend the university’s gala event as a guest, said he has a “deep and abiding respect” for Kenney’s stances on Israel and antisemitism.

“On those issues, we stand shoulder to shoulder, and I consider him a friend. But like all friends, we can have differences of opinion on some issues,” Bill C-31 being one such item, he said.

Farber added that he felt Kenney was being “very hard on the Roma” and that many respected representatives of the Jewish community are in agreement. Earlier this year the Toronto Board of Rabbis and Elie Wiesel, among others, had urged the minister to reconsider the legislation. 

Some of the other groups protesting the event include  Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, Independent Jewish Voices, Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network and Jews Opposing Zionism.

PS. Its quite possible that Ezra, an official  "friend of Haifa", will be at the same reception.  If it comes to it, my money is on Bernie by TKO.

Monday, October 15, 2012

You Will Not See His Like Again

No link yet, but Dalton McGuinty has chosen to retire as leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.  If you are from around the GTA, when you think of him in future--especially during the middle of a summer heat-wave--take a sniff of the air and notice how clean it is.  How you don't get  clouds of smog settling over the city for days, and don't  taste the noxious chemicals in those clouds when you taste your own sweat. That's--partly, not entirely--the smell of coal plants that Dalton has gradually shut down and replaced with something cleaner.  He has by force of Will transformed this province into a manufacturer of green energy tech, a path into the future that, if we stick to it, will position Ontario well for the world to come--if you can't make cars, make wind turbines and solar arrays.  Yes mistakes were made, and yes in recent months they seem to have been piling up, but in the end Mr. McGuinty served his province and country in a manner that can only be described as exemplary.  All hail Dalton McGuinty.

And let the search for a new leader begin.

Arthur Topham Update

The latest update on the saga of Arthur Topham can be found here.  For those unfamiliar with his story, a hate speech complaint (criminal code section 319) was recently  filed against him after the repeal of section 13 made it impossible to deal with his wildly antisemitic writings via the HRC/tribunal process.

While Mr. Topham still cannot post to his Radical Press site he is being allowed to use email.  The most important bit from his email to the gang at FreeD is:

Just prior to the Thanksgiving weekend the local Crown Council Jennifer Johnson sent Doug Christie an email saying that she had recommended the laying of the charge against me but that it still had to go further up the legal ladder before final approval from the BC Assistant Deputy Attorney General. Only then would the indictment be approved. 

So there you have it.  We are now officially in the world post S13.  Hatemongers may enjoy it even less.

Globe Abandons Relevance

Remember that paper that used to look like The NY Times?  Its gone now, gone from the Internet.

PS.  Has the Times already abandoned its firewall?  I've been visiting Nate Silver three times a day and have been able to get the full-text articles no problem.  Same with Revkin.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Your Daily Nazi: Canuck Nazi Threatens To Kill Facebook Founder!!

We all have issues with The Facebook.  For Canadian Neo-Nazi Kevin Goudreau, they appear to centre around the fact that its founder Mark Zuckerberg is Jewish, not around the fact that The Facebook experience has sucked for years and is getting worse.  But Goudreau has also struck closer to home, threatening a well-known Ontario hate crime expert in addition to the relatively unattainable Mr. Zuckerberg.  Surely, those journalists and on-line activists who supported the repeal of Section 13 will leap, leap to denounce Mr. Goudreau, for the only means  available  to fight such people after the repeal of the nation's one effective bit of hate speech legislation is to initiate a stream of counter-chatter.  Jonathon Kay...Mark Selley..start blithering

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Kid Paiken Talks Like Hippy

He says:

Another very important development emerged from the Party’s 2012 biennial convention this past January, however. Liberal delegates overwhelming approved a policy pushed by young Liberals in British Columbia advocating the legalization and regulation of cannabis. The fact that 77 percent of all delegates backed the resolution proves that the issue is relevant not only to young Canadians.

Now that Liberal leadership candidates are beginning formally to declare their intentions, they should also pledge to campaign on this policy in the next federal election....

Look, I support this policy for the reasons the Paiken lad gives in his IPolitics article.  But too many party activists  want it to be the centre-piece of any LPoC revival, and I am afraid such thinking is madness.  Not because it enables the party to be labelled soft-on-crime.  The Tories may try that, but I don't think it will work: the majority of the country has supported either decriminalization or legalization for years, including a fairly large part of the CPoC base.  No.  Its madness because it allows the party to be labelled un-serious, and if the Tories have any brains that's the line they will take.

An election should be fought on the economic direction of the nation, on whether Canada's defence policy should be more or less closely tied to that of the U.S.  On big issues, that is.  Not on whether or not the occasional careless stoner gets away clean when a cop finds a roach in his car ashtray.

In any case, what practical effect would legalization have in the first place?  Weed's been about $300 an ounce since I came to Toronto (so representatives of the sub-culture inform me, at least).  Its almost impossible to get busted for simple possession.  And you never get those dry spells you used to back in the 80s, no matter how many grow-ops get busted.  So who really cares?

Can anyone seriously imagine somebody like Justin Trudeau, who is already being criticized as a light-weight, making  this bit of frivolity the key to his election strategy?  If so, they must be smoking something considerably stronger than the herb.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Hudak Promises More Stuff He Can't Pay For

World class cities build underground. When finances are available, our priority for Toronto will be to build subways.

Translation: one day far, far down the line (as it were), Scarborough will get its subway.  One day.

Northern Gateway: Not Going That Way

The latest poll out of B.C.:

In the survey, respondents were shown a map with the proposed location of the Enbridge Northern Gateway, a new pipeline from Alberta to British Columbia’s north coast that would export oil on tankers to China. Only nine per cent of British Columbians completely support the proposal (+2 since August), while 27 per cent support it (=), but could change their minds based on economic or environmental considerations.

Across the province, one third of respondents (34%, -1) say they completely oppose the Enbridge Northern Gateway, while one-in-four (23%, -1) oppose the proposal, but could change their minds based on economic or environmental considerations.

Worth noting that this this is after Harper's government's attempt over the last month or two to cool down the rhetoric re the pipe-line. Also worth noting: the people behind Ethical, the government created pro-tarsand's astroturf group, haven't published anything in over a month.  Previously, they were spewing propaganda at the rate of a couple pieces a week.  I suspect that Harper and co. have realized that yelling at people isn't a very good PR strategy.

PS. Betcha Line 9 ain't going anywhere either.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Moffat On Suzuki

Mike Moffat has a valid point.  It isn't, as David Suzuki sometimes contends, that economists don't understand "externalities" or claim we should ignore them.  The term is a bit of economic jargon, after all.  No.  The people who ignore/downplay externalities are those folk who, for example, say they want to help clean-up the environment but decry a carbon tax or whine when somebody sticks a turbine out in the lake.

The rest of us, in other words.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hate Speech Complaint Against Ezra Levant To Be Submitted To Police

From the Jewish Tribune, but not yet on line:
I'll probably write more about this story eventually, as it tries to play the "Anti-Israel" card against Ms. Csanyi - Robah on some pretty weak grounds, and also insinuates that Bernie Farber (noted above) is somehow up to something nefarious.  But right now its only available at Shaidle's place, and I won't send traffic there.

Sun TV's reaction to all this should be interesting to watch.  I'm told they've got a lawyer that pours over Ezra's material, but that he missed the "Roma Rant" because he's primed to look for defamation, not hate speech.  Their official grovelling apology  sounded a bit like they were washing their hands of Mr. Levant.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Gangnam Style Meets AC/DC

Not bad.  Reminds me of The Zoobombs.

You're welcome.

B.C. Is Special

From The G&M:

The Conservatives have always seemed like a party that was a few slices short of a loaf. For years it hung around the fringes of the B.C. political scene, switching mostly unknown leaders between elections while fighting a reputation for attracting oddballs and religious zealots. To the extent that it existed at all, it existed mostly in name only.


Clearly, the Conservatives are in complete turmoil. Mr. Cummins can attempt to minimize the problem if he wants, but plugging his ears and wishing his troubles away won’t help. Last month’s leadership vote clearly did not address internal issues. At this point, Mr. Cummins would seem to have little choice but to either resign or announce that he is willing to face a challenge from other candidates.

Gary Mason, author of the above, apparently thinks having a divisive leadership race that will end a couple weeks before next year's election is called will somehow put the B.C. Tories into contention.  But let's face it--Cummins is the provincial equivalent of Elizabeth May: a mainstream figure drafted-in to make a party of  largely weirdos appear normal to mainstream--to, in this case, non-Zalmoids.   The "rank and file" should be kissing his ass, but instead they seem intent on dumping him and reclaiming the fringe right.

And if you want to meet the jilted Tory lunatic who's largely behind the internal revolt, well that would be Dean Skoreyko.  If Christy Clark wins again, something that can no longer be consider beyond possibility, she should appoint him to something.

Monday, October 08, 2012

St. Catherine's Standard Exits The Propertied Class

After sacking a dozen staffers in June, the St. Catherine's Standard figures they no longer need to own their own building.  The decision was facilitated by the fact that most Tim's locations now have wifi.  Stories can be filed from the men's room, although some times its hard to find a stall during the morning rush.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Another "If Only We Had Known" Moment From The Harper Tories

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Ron Banerjee: Two Man Band Or One Lonely Hindi And His Sockpuppet Army?

This post, from GridTO, implies that the group Canadian Hindu Advocacy, led by Ron Banerjee,  consists entirely of Ron Banerjee.  Me, I've always assumed that Ron had exactly one  follower by the name of  Naresh Patel, pictured below to the right:

Or was this just some poor sap who wandered onto the scene and got gestured towards by Ron?

I Didn't Catch The Debate

...but I hear Mitt Romney, in his first act as president, promised to smash Big Bird's skull in with a tire iron.  If I were the Obama campaign, I would work that angle relentlessly.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Warman vs. Lemire Constitutional Challenge: Warman Wins

The decision can be found here. Warman's comments can be found  here, and I will write something up that's a bit more substantial when I read the entire 72 page decision.  But essentially, the decision accepted the pro-CHRC arguments as summarized below:

As to the presentations, they generally went according to plan, with the pro-HRC side arguing that all that should be on the table is the  severing of Section 13's penalty provisions.  But there were a few interesting twists, or at least arguments I haven't heard before.  The young gal from the African Canadian Legal clinic (Moya Teklu) argued that there has been so little analysis of the CHRC's actual behavior that it would have been impossible for Athanasios D. Hadjis (the tribunal chair that had ruled for Lemire last go-round) to know whether this behavior had changed over time--and thus whether it had become less conciliatory, more litigious. She also has a tattoo on the back of her neck, so they clearly aren't barriers to success anymore.   Richard Warman argued from the transcripts of the earlier hearing that in fact he had been open to the possibility of settling with Lemire, contra Hadjis' opinion.

Some comments.

1) Some weight seems to have been given to Ms. Teklu's argument noted above.

2) Judge Mosely rejected Lemire's argument that somehow the Internet "changed the  rules" when it comes to hate speech.  From the decision:

...which, by analogy, probably bodes ill for anyone trying to make an analogous argument in cases of alleged on-line defamation.

3) Judge Mosely rejected the notion that S13 definitions of hate speech were too vague to be workable.

4) Judge Mosely decided that S13 only minimally impaired Free Speech:
5) Judge Mosely basically exonerated the HRC and Warman, As Richard himself puts it:

2) Repeated efforts were made by the Commission and Richard Warman to engage Marc Lemire in mediation or negotiation but these were always refused by Lemire because he would not accept a cease and desist order as part of any settlement. (para 60)

Now, Bill C-304 repealing S13 is wending its way through the Senate, but Lemire is apparently not off the hook.  He faces a return to the tribunal and a permanent cease and desist order.  Furthermore, whatever its fate with the Harper Tories, Mosely's decision will mean that a future government will have justification for reinstating the section or something close to it.  And by that time most of the MSM opinionizers who were willing to carry Lemire's water for him last go-round will be unemployed and in a soup line.

So there you have it.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Reading The Wentrails

As noted by this gentleman on facebook, Margaret Wente's tri-weekly column has not appeared in a week.  Was her punishment for this kind of thing a suspension?

Monday, October 01, 2012