Thursday, December 28, 2017

Ezra And The Law: A Small Victory?

Ezra Levant's twitter feed from back in the fall of 2017:

Ezra's twitter feed today, after I sent a series of emails to the Alberta Law Society and then the Law Society of  Ontario arguing that, since the guy is no longer a lawyer, he shouldn't be allowed to go around calling himself one:
Now, correlation does not = causation, but I know the Ontario body was in touch with him (File 2017-211411), and I'd like to think I helped in a small way to make Ezra's life more miserable.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Life In Scarborough: The Bus Drivers of Scarborough

The lady bus driver on the bus today was wearing a nose-ring.  And the TTC let her drive the bus like that.  She was a white chick so it couldn't be a religious accommodation thing.  But people will get on her bus and see her nose-ring and think fuck why shouldn't I commit some crimes for  a new time of Barbarism has surely arrived?  I come from an era before tattoos and frivolous adornment and I am telling you today's young people are armoring up to look fierce for the dark ages they see descending, what with nothing but shit jobs on the horizon and the only way of advancement mortal combat, possibly with an AI enhanced yuppy scumbag.  But public institutions like the TTC should be holding the line against Chaos, at least until I can retire and get my consciousness uploaded into The Matrix and get away from this shit.  So I say the TTC dress code should have no place for nose-rings.

That is all.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Not A Good Thing

The short version:  at this year's stampede Calgary Blood & Honour Member ("Leader"?) Kyle McKee got close enough to PM Justin Trudeau to have him autograph what turned out to be a Nazi flag.  The long version can be found here.  It was the Neo-Nazi idea of a harmless jest, I suppose, but in the current atmosphere I'd suggest the PM tighten his security procedures.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Life In Scarborough: Paul Bernardo's Old Neighborhood

Famed serial killer Paul Bernardo graduated high-school from Sir Wilfred Laurier Collegiate, down in The Guild. Apparently they've left the picture of his graduating class (him included) on the wall there. I was down in The Guild today and heard a story I didn't know: that every year the picture goes missing a few days before graduation, as the kids ride it around Scarborough on public transit.  Then it reappears on the wall when nobody's looking.  I have no idea whether this story is true but if it is: that's the spirit, kids!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Barbara Kulazska, Lawyer To The Canadian Far Right, Has Died. Memorial Event Tomorrow

The news can be found here.  As you can see at the site, a "memorial event" is to be held tomorrow at the Richview Library in Etobicoke.  Tributes will be given by such CDN Neo Nazi-types as Marc Lemire and Paul Fromm. Who knows who else will show up.   If you feel like contacting the library and telling them its a bad idea, their facility manager can be reached at 416-394-5120.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Life In Scarborough: The Building Confronts Kitec Plumbing Problem

So the condo corp held a big meeting the other night.  They rented a room at the local community center.  They'd already sent around a letter so everyone knew what it was about; the building has Kitec plumbing.  You can look it up but the stuff was manufactured between 1995 and 2007 when the  number of recalls they were getting made them stop.  Under certain circumstances it wail fail prematurely, and when it fails it blows (splits, more technically) and you get floods.  The meeting was held so the condo Board could tell us we would have to pay about $3,500 to $5,000 per bathroom, and maybe more in the townhouses, to get it removed.

So despite the fact that the engineer Atilla wasn't overly communicative, and they had mic problems, it didn't become a shit-show.  I said my bit urging caution--I know a lot of folk in the R.E. profession who think this is more media driven than real (remember UFFI?)--but in the end the decision to re-plumb the whole place had already been made.  And the lady next to me texted her husband while we were sitting there, and confirmed that the insurance company he worked for wouldn't touch houses/apartments with the stuff in it.  Others will hike your rate.  So perhaps it is for the best.

 And people took it OK.  Probably the most exciting bit of dissent was when the old Filipino guy got up and said "This will not end well!  You laugh now, but in time you will cry tears of blood!"  And a couple other old guys got up and yelled at the clouds. But the overall mood stayed relatively mellow.

Word at the meeting was that there were 2,000 condo towers around the city with this kind of plumbing in them.  I'm not sure if that's an exaggeration, but there's surely a lot of them.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Dear Galactus: A Word From Trey Gowdy, GOP Congressman From South Carolina...

I have contacted Galactus and The Eater Of Worlds is apparently solid GOP.  He will be accessing his pay-pal account and forwarding Mr. Gowdy $5.  The Eater of Worlds is not made out of money.

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta Is Recruiting Its Own Troll Army!

Talk shit on the Internet for Jason Kenney! Fat shame the socialist hordes!  Threaten the cucks and the squishes with death!  Most interesting bit is if you AREN'T a Conservative supporter but are willing to talk shit strictly for money, the #PCAA is OK with it.  I'd find this kind of job demeaning, but maybe desperate millennials who are jonesing  for craft cheese might sign-up..

Hard being young these days. 

Found it here.

Friday, May 19, 2017


This is what you should be paying attention to now.  Fuck that bullshit with that Trump asshole.  There is a small but non-zero chance that the dips are being caused by a MOTHERFUCKIN' ALIEN MEGA-STRUCTURE!!!!   YYYUUUGE, BABY!   The size of JUPITER at least and maybe one of many such structures orbiting  KIC8462852, a star 1,600 light years away, in the direction of Uranus, a really dark and hairy part of the night sky.

But seriously.  There's a real news story about it here.

But that's the only one.  Everything else is about that orange haired fucktard making an idiot of himself in lands far away.  THIS SHIT IS WAY MORE IMPORTANT!!!!  If it really is aliens, we can pray to them and slaughter people in their name, and then maybe get taken away to some planet on the other side of the galaxy that's all like California as our reward.

Or it could be a bunch of stupid comets.  But I'm hopin'.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Life In Scarborough: The Buses Of Scarborough

On the bus in Scarborough this morning two youths were listening to angry gangster rap music on headphones.  They were both rapping along fiercely to completely different tunes. They became quite loud, and it sounded like they might scrap.  But in fact the two never became even aware of one another's presence.

Also, if you are stuck behind a City garbage truck long enough, you notice that they have steering wheels on both sides.  I didn't know this before that but it makes sense.

That is all.

Oh, and there are folks down in The Guild protesting a new condominium project because it will "block their view", but their view is of a couple of public housing towers from the 1970's that look like they'll blow over in a storm, so...

People just like to complain.

That is all.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

On Keeping Ms. Wynne As OLP Leader

This is from an email from Ontario Proud, who may be a PCPO front group:
And it's true.  I cannot see a party led by some coup leader doing better than the current leader. As for recent polls, McGuinty was down 15% back in 2011, which is similar to today's numbers after inflation.  And if politics was the UFC I would say that the OLP is good fighting on their backs. They can find Patrick Brown's weakness, and submit him.

Remember that line from Beowulf : Luck, Often Enough, Will Find A Man If His Courage Holds.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Kellie Leitch Among The Haters

Forget the alleged nazi-era gun.  Her meeting with Ron Banerjee's Rise Canada and other assorted nutjobs is probably the more important story.  My readers will know Ron; he is let us say special. His greatest hits can be found through this link.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

O Inglorious Justin: Bad Bit In New Budget!!!

This one is a personal kick in the nads for both the wife and I, as we prefer to take the buses in and out of Scarborough on work-days rather than upgrade our car insurance.  If the Star is right, then going on with the status quo will cost me an extra $264 a year.  I have always kept the car for weekend shopping and the odd vacation, but that might literally have to change if this measure goes through. So maybe one more car on the road 7 days a week, and Mother Gaia has to go fuck herself.   Not very green, Justin.

Also, not very terribly gender-based, as women make up 57% of the TTC's ridership. The nannies that get bused in and out of  rich-folks neighborhoods will be crying tonight.  But I guess they're the wrong type of women, or at least not the type this budget is concerned with.

 I know almost nothing else about what's in it, but that one measure left a bad smell in this TTCentric, greeny-weeny household.

Who's the new guy for the NDP again?

Friday, March 17, 2017

Life In Scarborough: The Washing Machines Of Scarborough

I've timed it on several occasions, and when I set my washing machine to Express Wash, it tells me the wash will take 30 minutes.  But it doesn't, it takes 37 minutes.  Everything is fine until the last minute of the cycle, which takes 7 minutes.  This seems dangerously misleading on the part of the manufacturer.  You could be washing interview gear in there.  You could lose a shot at a good job if you showed up 7 minutes late. And then your marriage could fall apart, and you could wind up addicted and homeless, sleeping in that porta-potty they left unlocked down by where they're renovating the Guildwood Inn.

This isn't about me, by the way.  I'm good. There are larger issues at stake. How could something like this happen in 2017?  Russian hackers hacking the Internet Of Washing Machines? Something must be done.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Monday, February 13, 2017

Off To A Good Start: Analysis Of Trump/Trudeau First Meeting

I don't know who suggested Trudeau host a "chicks in biz" lunch with The Donald and daughter Ivanka, who cares about that kind of shit, but it was a brilliant move and it worked.  Look at the pic below.  Ivanka's got that....

...I'd fuck him right now look.  She'll be for Canada going forward.  Count on it.  And she's not the only one.  Our guy was a hit down South.  All the women love him.  For example, Alyssa Milano:

Not only that, Justin fought Trump to a draw in the obligatory power handshake contest:

And later offered his hand voluntarily like the prettiest girl at the ball who kisses you out of pity.

As a result, The Donald has said he doesn't intend to fuck over Canada in a trade war, just the Mexicans.  Sorry, little swarthy brothers, national interests are national interests!  See you on the other side.

Bottom line, our PM did the nation proud today.  Or at least kept us safe.

Friday, January 20, 2017

A Question For All CPC Candidates: Where Are They With Respect To Russky Interference?

It's a question  I've asked Nick Kouvalis, Svengali for  Kellie Leitch:

Again, all CPC candidates should have to answer this question.  After its success in the recent U.S. election, Putin's troll army has turned its attention elsewhere.  They're going after Merkel now, for example.  It is way within the realm of possibility that they should be looking to find a fellow traveler from within CPC ranks to up-end Canuck politics.  Every CPC candidate should  publicly renounce such efforts in advance.