Monday, May 22, 2017

The Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta Is Recruiting Its Own Troll Army!

Talk shit on the Internet for Jason Kenney! Fat shame the socialist hordes!  Threaten the cucks and the squishes with death!  Most interesting bit is if you AREN'T a Conservative supporter but are willing to talk shit strictly for money, the #PCAA is OK with it.  I'd find this kind of job demeaning, but maybe desperate millennials who are jonesing  for craft cheese might sign-up..

Hard being young these days. 

Found it here.

Friday, May 19, 2017


This is what you should be paying attention to now.  Fuck that bullshit with that Trump asshole.  There is a small but non-zero chance that the dips are being caused by a MOTHERFUCKIN' ALIEN MEGA-STRUCTURE!!!!   YYYUUUGE, BABY!   The size of JUPITER at least and maybe one of many such structures orbiting  KIC8462852, a star 1,600 light years away, in the direction of Uranus, a really dark and hairy part of the night sky.

But seriously.  There's a real news story about it here.

But that's the only one.  Everything else is about that orange haired fucktard making an idiot of himself in lands far away.  THIS SHIT IS WAY MORE IMPORTANT!!!!  If it really is aliens, we can pray to them and slaughter people in their name, and then maybe get taken away to some planet on the other side of the galaxy that's all like California as our reward.

Or it could be a bunch of stupid comets.  But I'm hopin'.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Life In Scarborough: The Buses Of Scarborough

On the bus in Scarborough this morning two youths were listening to angry gangster rap music on headphones.  They were both rapping along fiercely to completely different tunes. They became quite loud, and it sounded like they might scrap.  But in fact the two never became even aware of one another's presence.

Also, if you are stuck behind a City garbage truck long enough, you notice that they have steering wheels on both sides.  I didn't know this before that but it makes sense.

That is all.

Oh, and there are folks down in The Guild protesting a new condominium project because it will "block their view", but their view is of a couple of public housing towers from the 1970's that look like they'll blow over in a storm, so...

People just like to complain.

That is all.