Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Hard Luck Campaign For Minister Penis...I Mean Denis

Just some notes recycled from twitter:

Just to come clean here.  I thought the Prentice budget was an honest attempt by Albertans to enter the modern world of governance.  But it went over like a drowning duck off the top of Niagara Falls.  But whatever.  I hate Alberta the way everyone else in Canada hates Toronto.  So let Chaos reign!  Either the NDP or WRP rule OK by me.

Friday, April 24, 2015

New LPC Ad Is Pretty Clever

They've bought space during some of  tonight's hockey games, apparently.  Probably for just a night or two, and then they'll hope The Net spreads word a bit further.  They'll get good media coverage out of it.  It's clever and positive and on point.  Just one shot in the battle, but nicely aimed.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


As you may know, Nanos does internal ballot tracking every week. Based on the four week rolling average, the Liberals are at 34 per cent, the Conservatives at 29 per cent, the NDP at 25 per cent, the Greens at eight per cent and the BQ at four per cent. Please take note of the bonus chart in this specific release. Ballot preferences are part of the Nanos Party Power Index weekly tracking study.

Someone be sure to tell this guy.  He the nervous nelly-est of them all these days.  

Of course the budget's just come out; the gov should get a positive bump out of that.  But it's all about positioning, baby.  And the LPC is positioned not goddamn bad if I do say so myself.  Not goddamn bad at all.

Ostrander Point Wind-Farm Case Goes Back To Tribunal

The decision is here.  Put briefly, the case will now get bounced back down to the Ontario ERT, where Ostrander Point Wind Energy will have a chance to convince the tribunal that their proposed remedy, a series of fences and gates that will block public access to the roads around the wind-farm, are enough to prevent "irreversible" harm to the local population of endangered turtles.

Some background can be found here, here, and here.

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Brown Retort

Since Patrick Brown looks set to become PCPO leader, its good to start looking for sources of intel on him now.  The Brown Retort has material on the PC MP that I hadn't heard.  From the latest post (a couple of months old now):

In a photo submitted to The Brown Retort...a criminally convicted supporter of Barrie MP Patrick Brown, is pictured at the opening of Brown's provincial leadership campaign headquarters in Brampton.

Good to get in on the ground floor, so when Oppo Leader Brown goes up in flames like an oily bag full of greasy rags, you can say: "I helped do that."

Oh Alberta! NDP Way In Front?

Even the pollsters involved don't quite buy it.  And they are using "google surveys" to compile their results, so make of that what you will. 

As an aside, sure he's wildrose but I've met Derek Fildebrandt once or twice and he seems a decent enough fellow.  

Friday, April 17, 2015

What's Going On In Alberta (Federally)?

From that EKOS poll:
And of course we pros form the base of the Liberal Party.  Lawyers, doctors, hit-men (and women!), dentists, Real Estate Agents, private security specialists,  Where the local culture is not rich enough to support a large professional class, the LPC does poorly.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Gruending On Canada's Role In The War Against The Islamic State

Despite the warrior rhetoric from some of our politicians, Canada is not a robust military power. We do, however, have experience and credibility —  although it has been diminished recently — in diplomacy, humanitarian assistance and the resettlement of refugees. 

There's about 26 or 27 nations in the anti-ISIS coalition, and about half of them are dropping bombs. IMHO Canada would be more useful to what is clearly going to be a multi-generational conflict by being one of the coalition members not currently dropping bombs.  There will be lots of roles to play in the years and yes decades ahead.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Is Ezra Pulling Down His Duffy Interviews?

This fellow thinks he did:
I was skeptical, so I asked:
The interview he's talking about concerned the CBSC (Canadian Broadcast Standards Council), which Ezra typically had issues with because he lacks standards.

Meanwhile, more interesting connections between Ole' Duff, The Ez, and Vivian Krause continue to emerge:
It's in late January of 2012 when Ezra begins to work Ms. Krause' research into his Sun News diatribes.  During that same month his astroturf group launches its "Our Decision" website, speaheading a campaign to "expose the foreign lobby groups working to sabotage and paralyze the hearings into the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline".  There is talk of "helping" Ms. Krause, though she has claimed to have received no money from them:

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Ezra Levant Out 72 Large

...for costs brought about by losing the defamation case brought against him by Khurrum Awan:
Meanwhile, some interesting bits of info emerged from the Duffy trial.  One is this daily itinerary for
February 8, 2010:
A meeting for pizza with Ez and the PM's wife.  Also this:
Vian Krause originally did some pretty shoddy research purporting to show that Canadian enviro groups were taking foreign money to aid Alaskan salmon fisherman at the expense of B.C. aqua farmers.  Ezra Levant later repurposed this research to argue that enviro groups were taking foreign money to aid U.S. oil companies, not entirely with Ms. Krause' blessing.

So: connections...

Thursday, April 02, 2015

BCLSB Exclusive: James Lunney's Principles Of Evolution

CPC MP James Lunney has quit the party so as to more freely pursue and elaborate his own theory of biological change.  He spoke in the HOC yesterday afternoon, but was rudely cut off before he could fully state his beliefs.  However, an opposition "source" found the full text of his presentation in a trash-can outside the East wing.   I have reproduced some excerpts below:

The question is not: did Jesus ride a dinosaur?  The question is: what kind of dinosaur did Jesus ride? Reasonable men may differ, but I lean towards Carcharodontosaurus.  It was hardy and even-tempered.  Also damn fine eatin'.


The wheel of Ezekial was in fact a UFO, which brought the dinosaurs to Earth, including Stegron and Barney. Also, Ezekial was  called "Easy" by his friends.  Not many people know this.


The Id forms the very ground for the SuperEgo, always and everywhere permeating the structure of it.  Oops.  That's Freud.  Wrong theory.


There is no theory of evolution.  There are only the animals that Chuck Norris has allowed to survive.


The lower back supports the spinal column and brain-case.  It also supports the chiropractor.  But I am rambling now.


When the End Times come, and they are coming, those who scoff will find themselves swept into a lake of burning fire, while believers ascend to Heaven and a life of infinite happiness.  Personally, I look forward to playing ping-pong with Jimi Hendrix.

So there you have it.  Our government appears to have lost a thinker of the highest order.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Just A Forum Poll

Takes them until par 8 to finally, grudgingly admit that the LPC is still slightly ahead:

The Liberals under Mr. Trudeau were the first or leaning choice for 34 per cent of the survey’s respondents, compared to 31 per cent who said they would or would likely vote Conservative and only 23 per cent who favoured the NDP, the poll found.

Instead they prefer to spend a ton of ink talking about how Mulcair's fortunes have improved without much moving the gauge on the horse-race question.  Which is sort of like losing, but winning a moral victory.  Which means losing.