Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ezra On The Jewish Defense League

 Frankly, the JDL is pretty much one guy, Meir Weinstein...

You don't really have to read the rest.

Did Horwath Step Into Toronto School/Mosque Debate?

 Actually, given her earlier statement here, I think not.  But some guy up in Orangeville is on about the Islamist menace and yada yada yada and says:

“Timid” Tim Hudak’s response to the ‘discovery’ of public school mosque-activity is entirely lacking, totally inadequate for someone seeking to become premier of Ontario, which position has direct responsibility and oversight for the totality of Ontario’s publicly funded education system. He has, effectively, stated that this “is a local school board issue.” This response is a cop-out. Obviously, politically, Mr. Hudak is mindful of “Gentleman” John Tory’s electoral chances (and silver opportunity) crashing and burning in 2007, in large part over the issue of school choice. But, this Islamification of the conventional school day is entirely different and most certainly not merely a local school board issue. It is the thickening edge of a wedge. Only Ms. Horwath, of the provincial NDP, has come out openly against school hour, in-school and in-cafeteria Islamic prayer hours in our shared public schools, ground-zero of neutral Canadian citizenship.


It may take Ms. Horwath, to stand up for Ontarians now and to say, “Enough is enough”, and that all the slights and put-downs toward females, and the wrongs done them taken together, cannot make even one right.

Did Andrea Horwath change her position 180 degrees, or can we put this down to the ramblings of a small-town opinionizer? 

But while we're on the topic of Valley Park School, its important to distinguish two levels of  concern with the school's actions.  One is: has the school successfully navigated its way through the various legal issues (accommodation vs. gender equity) in arranging these prayer services?  The 2nd is: whatever the legalities, is the school doing the right thing  by inviting an Imam onto school property to lead prayers on Friday afternoons?

Because, despite the MCC's threat of legal action, the answer to the first question is almost certainly "yes".  Or at least, the TDSB is as lawyered up as anyone, and it would be astounding if this decision wasn't scoped out from a dozen different angles by their legal people.

I also think that the answer to the 2nd question is a qualified "yes", but to prove it I would have to discuss the female menstrual cycle, and this would probably make me gag.

Friday, July 29, 2011


Crap GDP numbers for May make the Bank of Canada's 2nd Quarter 1.5 per cent growth figure very difficult to achieve.  Crap numbers from the US, and the antics of tea-partiers in Congress, make more crap numbers likely in the near future, suggest that any "re-acceleration" of growth in the second half of 2011 is going to be pretty subdued. 

You know, in politics, timing is everything.  Whose idea was it to call an election when things were looking good for the gov., rather than waiting for the economy to soften and then blast them for that every day?

Headline Of The Day

Error or no, this header "sings" to me.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Alan Lake Weighs In

The Money-man behind the English Defense League denies that he is Breivik's "English Mentor":

I do not know this man, I have never met him, and I am not his mentor.

So now both of the men who have named as Anders Behring Breivik's possible  U.K connection have denied knowing him.

And Around And Around We Go: Just Who Is Breivik's English Connection?

While English Defense League co-founder Paul "Lionheart" Ray first fingered EDL money bags Alan Lake, another of the racist gang's leaders, Tommy Robinson, (buddy of JDL chieftain Meir Weinstein and the Shaidles) insists that, no, it was indeed Paul Ray that ushered the Norwegian Mass Murderer into The Knights Templar.  And now, weirdly enough, Ray is suggesting that maybe he was Breivik's role model, though he still claims to never have met the man.  All very confusing, but presumably the nice police officers investigating the various interactions of far right players in this case will be able to sort it out.

PS. Yesterday I was getting a ton traffic via Facebook from the UK to my original post on the topic.  I think folks within the EDL were using it as evidence of the Ray=Breivik=English Mentor connection.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Farber On Healthcare, Redux

Back a week or so, CJC head and provincial Liberal Party candidate for Thornhill Bernie Farber penned a column for Shalom Life in which he was critical of Ontario's health-care system circa the Mike Harris Gov.  He used as an example the treatment his sister-in-law received when dealing with breast cancer back in 2001.  This triggered a response in the article's comments section by a fellow named Michael Robitaille--none other than the woman's husband--who essentially accused Bernie of exploiting her illness and eventual death for political gain.  And that was followed by an Op-Ed piece by the T.O. Sun's Christina Blizzard which echoed Robitaille's complaints. 

In the latest installment of this back and forth, today's Sun letters section brings us a response to Blizzard's column that defends Mr. Farber:

Re “Farber fables?” (July 24): Christina Blizzard comments on Bernie Farber’s recent piece in Shalom Life where he referenced the sad passing of his sister-in-law, Joanne. Blizzard reports Joanne’s widower took issue with Bernie’s view on Joanne’s care during her illness. I knew Joanne during this time — she was a colleague and a friend. Without going into details, let me be clear it was Joanne’s parents, sister’s family and friends who cared for her during the last nine months of her life. Her parents left their home in Ottawa to care for Joanne. The health care she received was outstanding, there is really no disagreement on this point. But it was not integrated — different elements were provided at different hospitals by different teams, and little was available by way of home care. We wished there were more services for Joanne to ease her pain and make her journey smoother. Let’s get back to the real debate — the state of health care in Ontario.

Brenda Spiegler

UK Media Explore Possible Paul "Lionheart" Ray/ Ander Breivik Connection

 ...and that's good.  I've been banging away at the possibility-- that EDL leader Paul Ray might be the Norwegian killer's "English Mentor"-- for days now.  There's no mention of the "crusading Canuck" blogger who fed everyone the relevant links, but that's OK I guess.  At least Allah knows.

In any case, Paul Ray has denied any connection on his  "Lionheart" blog, suggesting that English Defense League financier Alan Lake is most likely the "Richard" named in Breivik's manuscript.

On the other hand, this fellow (who has followed the UK extremist scene for years) thinks neither Ray or Lake fit the bill, and speculates that "Richard" may be fictitious.  Which is just as likely.

Meet Canadian Hindu Advocacy

Yeah, that's both of them right there.  Bannerjee to the left and, presumably, Naresh Patel to the right.  And you can tell its all of them because when the interviewer, at about the 1:30 mark, challenges Bannerjee to scare up another Hindu from the crowd, he can't.

They are, incidentally, protesting the prayer sessions offered each Friday at Valley Park Middle School for their Muslim students.  Most of the media outlets put the crowd at about 50.  You can see the JDL's Meir Weinstein briefly, I think, looking dapper in a black suit.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Breivik's English Helper?

So here is some semi-informed speculation. In his manifesto, mass murderer Anders Brievik refers to his connections to members of the pan-European Far Right, in particular this weird group called "The Knight's Templar",  He says:

 I had or have a relatively close relationship with at least one of them, an Englishman, who became my mentor. He was the one who first described the “perfect knight” and had written the initial fundament for this compendium. I was asked, not only once but twice, by my mentor; let’s call him Richard, to write a second edition of...

So who is this English "perfect knight" named Richard?  The UK papers are wondering. Well Richard=Richard The Lionheart (see the manifesto through the link), and Richard the Lionheart = "The Perfect Knight".

Now, there's this crackpot English blogger, who has in past years tried to dodge hate-speech charges in the UK by fleeing to South Carolina, and whose real name is Paul Ray.  He's with the English Defense League, and he blogs under the name of Lionheart.  Here's a shot of him:
Note the dummy with the emblem of the Templars on its shirt.  Not the other dummy.

Again, this is hardly conclusive, but I'm not the only one whose thought of it either.

Soon, In Canada, You Won't Have To Register Norwegian Mass Murderer's Weapon Of Choice

 Details here.  Unfortunately, too many people will think this is good news.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Mystery of Michael Coren

I too am puzzled by Michael Coren's latest blog post on the shootings in Norway.  He doesn't quite say that those kids on that island deserved what they got for their insufficient zealotry in support of Israel.  He merely refers to a "tragic irony".  There may be some irony in the notion of a Conservative Christian so convinced that Muslims are barbarians unfit for Norwegian society that he was willing to kill nearly 100 people (mostly non-Muslim, presumably) to prove his point. 

Maybe I'm just not seeing that irony.

In any case, the most charitable explanation for Mr. Coren's post is that he was drunk or on crack at the time.  Just as likely, but more sinister, is the possibility that he was floating a few trial balloons in advance of his new show on Sun TV.  After all, Lilley and Levant pretty have the explicit muzzie bashing end of things covered...but nobody is directing Teh Hate at Nordic Social Democrats.  Maybe Mr. Coren sees a niche that is thus far unoccupied.

Also, Colby Cosh's attempt to change the subject is pretty wormy.
Also, Anders Brehing Breivik apparently bragged of his links to the English Defense League Maybe Meir and the Shaidle's will arrange a meet and greet.  Maybe he' already left comments on their blogs at one time or another.

And maybe, just maybe, Mr. Weinstein will do the right thing and, finally, distance himself from the EDL and all it stands for.  I'm not holding my breath, mind you, but I have been informed he is capable of acts of simple human decency.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Criminal Eyes: Is Toronto Sun Using Stock Photos on Its front Page?

This fellow seems to think so.  Don't know what he's talking about re page 2, but that sounds interesting as well:

So with Sun Media not being part of the Ontario Press Council anymore, does this mean I can't complain about the fake news picture on the front page of today's Toronto Sun (July 22)? The Sun ran a cheap photo ($3.75?) bought from a US web site and passed it off as a current Canadian news picture of a "war criminal".

What about the factually-incorrect story on page two? All other Toronto papers got the facts correct but then they used their own people to report the story. The Toronto Sun got the story from a cheap, non-news, US company

The pic DOES look really Istock, but I admit I haven't found an exact match using "criminal eyes" or "black balaclava" or whatever.  I leave this as an exercise to my readers, who are surely the smartest readers in the world.

Hudak Tories Politicize Perversion

On Team Hudak's media events:

...the only reason we went to the Bayshore Trail "event" was that it was so unbelievably, jaw-droppingly audacious to use the scene of a recent spate of flashings to suggest a GPS bracelet might do something to keep these cretins from pulling out their junk in public.

And here's a description of the 5'6, stockily built Bayshore Trail Flasher, coming to a Hudak chain gang near you...but wearing a GPS bracelet.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lucian Freud Is Dead

 As anyone who has read my ongoing analysis of Canada's Group of 7 painters must realize, I don't know much about art.  But I do know my way around uncompromising assholes.  Painter Lucian Freud was one, and his death today lessens the species in ways that will not be appreciated for years and decades.

And, on yeah, its the 60th anniversary of LW's death.  Who, you ask? 
Fie upon you all!  The West is doomed.

Jason Kenney Blows Off Bishops

 ...says lawyer up if you don't like law.  Also, the CPoC is still officially against section 13.  Not that the government plans to act.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One Last Time To The Barricades!

 If the Torys really want to scrap the gun-registry, then lets give 'em one last fight, at least drive their approval numbers down for awhile (which always happens when the gun-registry issue comes up).  Because why not?  Valhalla awaits.  The LPoC seems down with it, but the NDP may go squishy.  Hopefully, this guy can help stiffen their spines.

And a clip from one of my favorite movies, to set the mood:

Fraser Institute No Longer Employing Dead To Peer Review FI Reports

 After much prodding from the Sixth Estate, the Fraser Institute has kicked the last stiff from their editorial advisory board.  Somehow I have the feeling this will have no salutary effect on the quality of their publications.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Burn Them To The Ground

Anonymous to release NOTW, Sun emails.

Fire...them...all.  And jail the rest.

Cadborosaurus, You Have Crushed My Soul!

The long-awaited footage of the Alaskan Cadborosaurus is just a freakin' wave.  Discount the guys in the video.  They're fishermen, after all. I hate you, Caddy!  I hate you!

Background here.  But I can write no more.  Tears stain my keyboard.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Not Helping

From the ARPA website:

An old ARPA article from 2009 has been getting a lot of attention in Ontario over the past few days in light of comments about Tim Hudak and whether he is pro-life. In light of that, we checked back through our old emails from two years ago to verify what was written. The content was correct, but it should have clarifified that the email came from Hudak's campaign team at that time, not Hudak himself.

What this clarification suggests to me is that Hudak's anti-abortion position statement to ARPA in 2009 was his official campaign line at the time.  Staffers would not free-lance on a matter like this.  So this makes Mr. Hudak's suggestion that he may (or may not) have signed a petition to defund abortion sound disingenuous.  Why would a staffer say Hudak had signed when he had not?  How would the staffer know unless he had been told?


When he was running for the PC leadership in 2009, Hudak told the Association for Reformed Political Action he is pro-life and had signed petitions calling for the defunding of abortions.

Hudak said today he "may have" signed a petition in that regard, but quickly added he has no intention of re-opening the abortion debate if the Tories win the Oct. 6 Ontario election.

However, the Opposition Leader refused to say if he still opposes abortion.

When questioned by reporters, Hudak said only that he would follow Prime Minister Stephen Harper's lead and leave the abortion issue alone.

Hudak's path to the PCPO leadership: seduce the party SoCons; abandon the party SoCons.

Manufacturing Bullshit

Jean Goodwin teaches English somewhere in Iowa.  She's also written a paper about the "manufacture" of consensus in the IPCC reports on climate change.  Its crap, but its a typical variety of crap, and so possibly interesting for that reason.   She's essentially bitching that the IPCC shouldn't be make much of the fact that its constituent scientists have achieved consensus over important elements of AGW theory. 

From the paper:

What is being done by this complex of features?—this rhetorical form, which I will call a "consensus claim"? One place to begin is by realizing its oddity. After all, we teach our students to recognize and reject ad populum or "bandwagon" appeals. I suspect that it would be hard to find scientists claiming to each other that such & such ought to be believed, because a "consensus of scientists" thus quantified backed it.

This statement is naive, and indicates a real lack of understanding of scientific practice and scientific history. Just to give one example, it is the almost universal consensus among paleontologists that birds are descended from and in fact are dinosaurs.  The fact of this "consensus" is brought up occasionally by practitioners in the field, without shame or hesitation.  For example,  it isn't really unusual to hear it argued that the last few scientists holding out against the consensus are getting old and publishing long-ago refuted arguments in crummier and crummier journals.  That's actually considered a salient point against them.  I've written about it here; you can see the wikipedia version here.  Presumably, for Ms. Goodwin, these are  "improper" arguments.  But I would suggest its stock in trade across many fields.  It is certainly not odd.  So if there is a problem with the manufacturing of consensus, it is hardly unique to Climate Science.  But I don't think it is a problem; knowing, for example, that the only person advocating a theory is a fringe kook teaching out in nowhere'sville can be extremely useful to deciding how much time to spend figuring out whether their views make sense.

In any case, whatever scientists might be telling their students, arguments from authority are ubiquitous in both science and everyday life. They are neither proper or improper in essence; they are just arguments to be evaluated in context

Now, in Judith Curry's post on the topic, the statement below occurs, and in fact has attracted most of the attention from the deniosphere:

"We shall argue that consensus among a reference group of experts thus concerned is relevant only if agreement is not sought. If a consensus arises unsought in the search for truth and the avoidance of error, such consensus provides grounds which, though they may be overridden, suffice for concluding that conformity is reasonable and dissent is not. If, however, consensus is aimed at by the members of the reference group and arrived at by intent, it becomes conspiratorial and irrelevant to our intellectual concern."

But it isn't from the Goodwin paper.  Rather, its from an abstract to a paper by Leher which neither Curry nor anyone else has bothered to read because its behind a pay-wall.  And because its a fragment, it is possible that the paper as a whole is not quite so silly, but on its own the statement is unmitigated bullshit.

Or, to put it another way: accept it and you would have to reject the Modern Evolutionary Synthesis, among other good things within science. This last was an attempt, and a conscious one undertaken over a number of decades, to bind what was known about genetics and what was known about Natural Selection into a single coherent body of knowledge, which became and still is the current consensus (more or less) within evolutionary biology.  Forging the synthesis was a thoroughly willed act, which involved recurrent meetings among experts from across relevant fields to build and test the emerging synthesis, from the Tübingen conference in the late 1920s, which ended in failure, to the Princeton conference in the 1940s, where there was found to be almost no disagreement among conference participants. 

Nevertheless, according to Mr. Lehrer and by implication Ms. Curry, this "consensus building" activity would have amounted to a conspiracy.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

On Nice Guys

Bernie Farber, running for Liberal MPP up in Thornhill, has a good column in Shalom Life, touting the Ontario Libs accomplisments in health-care.

Dennis Gruending, whose excellent blog explores the interconnections between Pulpit and Politics has a book coming out which does the same thing and is, perhaps unsurprisingly, entitled Pulpit and Politics.

That is all.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sun Media Steps Back From Brink?

Glenn Garnett, Sun Media's VP of editorial, has agreed to meet with Ontario Press Council reps and "discuss" their decision to pull out of the regulatory body.

Funny that Sun Media would make their decision in the midst of the News Of The World Scandal.  But I still think its about money.  Accountability costs.  Casting off the bonds of respectability in tough economic times is like cutting corners when you're building a bridge.  It makes fiscal sense... for awhile.

The State Of Climate Change Denial In Australia

The target is  Hans Schellnhuber, advisr to the German government:.
My Australian is a bit weak, but a loose translation of the guy in the clip is: "Before you begin, Mr Schellnhuber, I would like to present you a gift ... I'd like to present you this carbon-friendly noose."


Friday, July 15, 2011

Question Of The Day

A question which, incidentally, has no good answer.  And, by the way, defunding abortion is not a decades old position, as Hudak staffer Jacob Bloom has suggested (in a tweet he seems to have deep-sixed, so he probably has realized that by now); its from a 2009 statement made to ARPA in the run-up to the PCPO leadership convention, when Tim was trying to ingratiate himself to suspicious party SoCons.

This is an old statement.  So if Mr. Hudak flip-flops on the issue, he'll have done it twice.


Not Again

Connie and Ed have launched an appeal of the decision which ended their last appeal, and which ordered them to turn over to Richard Warman documents related to the anonymous posters who allegedly defamed Mr. Warman.  Connie and Ed (or their lawyer) will be arguing that the previous judge did not sufficiently weigh free speech issues against Mr. Warman's right to have the identity of the posters disclosed.

But the legal fees are piling up.  Another fundraiser has been launched after the previous couple of them fell short.

Things Which May Be Connected

 Kate's Butt.

Sun Media's decision to pull out of the Ontario Press Council:

The Toronto Sun must be getting too many complaints about its decision to publish that embarrassing Kate Middleton photo. The Sun has apparently removed the picture from its web site.

The Sun initially held the picture for two days before running it. Is this because the photo violated the media rules and publishing it sooner would've had the Sun kicked off the tour? (I've covered eight royal tours).

The Sun tried to mitigate any potential fallout by (i) (wrongly) claiming that the same/similar photos by other photographers were "circling the globe"; (ii) likening the photo to a fun, posed, publicity picture of Marilyn Monroe; and (iii) claiming the picture was "compelling and newsworthy".

No other wire services moved the picture. No other paper published it. Even British tabs refused to use a similar picture.

Having done extensive research via google image employing such terms as "Kate's Butt" and "Royal upskirt", I can confirm point i).

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sun Old-Timers Respond To Sun Media Decision To Pull Out Of Ontario Press Council

 Makes sense. Why would a newspaper chain with ethics that are often questioned by readers volunteer to be challenged by a body that investigates reader complaints?

Forget the "political correctness" canard.  This decision is economic.  If you're losing money all the time, withdrawing from a regulatory body--even a weak one like the press council, saves you on legal fees.  And if your goal as a newspaper chain is to slander and spread hate-speech, the savings can be considerable.

There's no glorious rebellion here.  The same newspaper chain that is rumoured to make its own employees take out their own trash and pee out an eight floor window rather than provide functioning bathrooms wants to cut a few $s  that it might otherwise  have to pay to their lawyer squad.

Lindsay Blackett Out As Alberta Tory Leadership Candidate

 Apparently, his decision was made last month, but done in so low key a fashion that nobody in the MSM noticed.  Meanwhile, Mr. Blackett has issued a ringing defense of the Alberta Human Rights Commission, this in advance of using the Wildrose Alliance's decision to abolish the commission if elected as a bludgeon with which to club the upstart party during a provincial election.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Have You Seen These Trees?

If you have, you're looking at Gatineau Hills, by Group of Seven painter Frederick J. Varley,  which was stolen from the Canadian Fine Arts Store.  Please wrestle it from the thief, run away,  and call police from a safe place.

As to the stolen painting itself, Gatineau Hills illustrates how the Group of Seven typically responded to an environment relatively denuded of trees, which was to use their artist's eye to zero in on whatever trees the landscape offered, however unimpressive, and paint those.  However, you can see in this instance  that Varley became dissatisfied with the quality of tree available, and finally decided "Fuck it!  I'll throw in a few rocks for good measure!" 

The date on this work is unknown ( more specifically: I'm too lazy to look it up), but it may have presaged the Seven's later Trees AND Rocks period, when they realized that painting foliage alone was not enough to satisfy the soul.


PS.  This one is actually rather purty.

New Ontario Liberal Ad

I actually like this one.  For one thing, it accentuates Tim Hudak's propensity to dorky expressions.  Secondly, the reviews really have been that bad.  The ad doesn't even get to Chris Selley's assessment of the PCPO fiscal plan: we cannot remember encountering such an aggressively stupid political campaign as the Progressive Conservatives are currently running.  Ah well.  There'll be other ads.

NDP Moves To Stiff Ex-Gay Org

 Delegates with Canada’s newly-minted official Opposition, the New Democrat Party (NDP), passed a resolution calling on the government to revoke the charitable status of groups that support those seeking to overcome same-sex attraction at their policy convention in Vancouver last month.

Introducing the resolution, which was passed unanimously, outgoing “LGBT” co-chair Matthew McLaughlin specifically urged the government to revoke the status of Exodus Global Alliance, and asked that they investigate other ex-gay groups as well.

“Ex-gay organisations … take advantage of LGB people, often in vulnerable family situations or at grips with depression and self-hatred, and browbeat them — saying that LGB people never live happy lives, that we are unhealthy and unwhole, and that we never experience love and that the only hope lies in their therapies,” said McLaughlin, according to the homosexual blog Slap Upside the Head.

The article references this post from Slap Upside The Head, which suggests that a private member's bill is in the works if the Canada Revenue Agency doesn't act on its own.  More generally, it makes it sound as though the NDP has a strategy to push its own issues while in opposition.  Meanwhile, what are the Libs up to?  In therapy, on a bus.  *Sigh*  More with the buses.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Future Of Ford Nation

"The fluoridation of drinking water could be eliminated, with impacts on dental health," says the multi-million $ KPMG that report Rob Ford ordered up to help him cut T.O. services.

Actually, I've been told that a few city councillor's have been suggesting that one or two West End water-pads start charging residents for using them.  And the response from residents out there has been to go ape-shit.  This is what you get when you tell everyone that the city's fiscal problems are everyone's but their's.  Nobody is willing to sacrifice.

Venues Cancel On Lord Monckton

No longer a big draw in the U.K, Climate Change Denier Chris Monckton (3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley) has spend the last couple of summers touring the former colonies.  This summer, he's back in Australia.  But there's a wee problem.  From Leon Ashby, president of the Australian Climate Sceptics Party:

The tour with Lord Monckton travelling Australia is having its challenges with 6 venues canceled before Lord Monckton appears.

The obvious influence against the Monckton events is the Getup network which had the campaign against Monckton advertised on its web site.

Its people were imitating club members and complaining to clubs so they pull the event.

The other influence is an apparent political interference from someone higher up the " sporting funding chain" that leaned on the clubs to cancel.

This was obvious with the Port Adelaide Football club cancellation.

The letter goes on to note that some other venues are entertaining second thoughts after Lord Monckton likened the Australian government's chief climate advisor Ross Garnaut to a Nazi.

Good on whoever's behind these protests.  Debating the likes of  Monckton is basically wasting your breath.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Pop Genius Alert: ‪tUnE-yArDsl‬‏

A bit like a Latin inflected MIA, but MIA raps while even on this live recording you can tell Merrill Garbus has a kick-ass set of pipes.  If she doesn't become a huge star, then there is no justice.

Friday, July 08, 2011


Canadian Jews lose their sanest, most progressive voice:

Effective July 1st, the Canadian Jewish Congress is discontinuing its activities. Canadian Jewish advocacy will be handled by the Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy (CIJA). In the near future, the CIJA website will be overhauled and expanded to reflect the enlarged mandate.

Note that Canada's largest Jewish advocacy group now has "Israel" in its name.  A real pity that.

PS. Though sad, this news is not unexpected.

The Royals In Calgary: Notes On Body Language

Note the male royalty guy (Charles? Wally?) in both pics.  His pose in the .jpg  below is saying: Surely you jest?

The one below can be interpreted as: No... fucking...way!
The princess chick looks like she's basically closed her eyes and is sacrificing for Old England.  Now, Naheed Nenshi is grinning in both shots.  But he's the son of  immigrants; he's just happy to be here. Note the guy in the background, though.  He, especially in the lower picture, seems to understand how incredibly dorky cowboy hats are.  He's probably also secretly embarrassed that the Royals have figured out that Calgary is one of the few cities in North America where they don't get  the whole concept of a two-way street. Such introspective ability is rare in an Albertan.  Therefore he may be gay.  I'd be interested in more information about him in the comments.

Update: They finally wore the hats.  In this picture, the prince dude is telling somebody to fuck off or they'll get a punch in the mouth.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Census Info Already Degraded

Stats Can will take any piece of crap you're willing to send them:

OTTAWA - Census officials are settling for incomplete long questionnaires in the final push of the 2011 collection period.

A longer version of the story here.

For Those Keeping Track

From David Gollob, Director of Communications, Canadian Human Rights Commission:

 The Commission did not accept any complaints under section 13 in 2010.

Tory Anti-Tobacco Law Proves Useless

I wrote surprisingly alot about Bill C-32, which banned the sale of flavoured tobacco products targeted at children. Cigarillos, basically.  It turns out to be a fairly meaningless stab at populism:

Bill C-32 requires that cigarillos less than 1.4 grams cannot be flavoured or sold in packages of less than 20 units. Since the law doesn't affect cigars more than 1.4 grams, tobacco companies quickly took advantage of the loophole and put cigars weighing just over the required minimum weight on the market.

Oddly enough, with all the to-ing a fro-ing over C-32, nobody appears to have thought of this loophole.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Canadian Hindu Advocacy = 2 Skinny Hindi

 ...Naresh Patel and Ron Banerjee, so their promise to erect "massive pickets" outside Valley Park Middle School, which brings in an Imam for Friday prayer services , can safely be met with wild gales of laughter.

 As for whether the service offends the notion of  public schools as secular space, I am of two minds.  There may be a slippery slope here, although Joe Warmington's arguments aren't terribly compelling: putting up a nativity scene around Xmas seems far more peripheral to the Christian religion than weekly prayer services do to the Muslim one.  Furthermore, does anyone really expect the school to hand out late slips every week to upwards of 400 students for running off to pray?  That sounds impractical.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Fox News North Update! Lieberman Replaces Caldwell

Sun News Network weekend anchor Caryn Lieberman will be the new host of a weekday program called Right Now.

The show, which will air weekdays from 1 p.m.-3 p.m. EST, will focus on, quite literally, what's happening right now.

The evening slot that previously saw a shortened version of Caldwell now gets CorenRight Now replaces Caldwell's two hour afternoon show.  Their evening news update guy, Brian Dunstan, now gets to work weekends too.

Scientists Swapping Data: Climate Scientists About As Open As Other Scientists!

This paper is based on a survey of scientists from various disciplines in regards to their hopes/dreams/fears/bitches whines/complaints re data sharing in their particular discipline. Having read it through, I don't see anything too shocking.  Most scientists think their field doesn't do bad in the realm of data openness, but could do better.  I'm not sure how climate science fits into the paper's nomenclature, but either of the possibilities (environmental vs. atmospheric sciences) don't do too bad re openness. 

I've reproduced one of many charts in the paper below, having chosen this one more or less at random:
Surely the real story is in the details, but I'm too lazy for those.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Die Media Die: Theo Caldwell's Internet Presence Is Threatened

Since Fox News North sacked him, he's on the verge of being deemed not notable  Someone please help:

Or, on the other hand, if nobody bothered to improve, source, or rename the page, it would disappear as though it never had been, which might replicate Mr. Caldwell's career path with Sun TV.

Screencap from here.


Saturday, July 02, 2011

Did Dykes Doom Pride Parade?

Actually, this will be interesting.  Technically, they've dodged the city's dictates, as they are not QuAIA. 

h/t to Shaidle's hubby.

Pro-Palestine Dykes March At Pride!

...and there's councillor George Mammaliti who, as promised, has come to photograph the dykes in their anti-Israel perfidy.  Don't think his services are needed, with City TV around, but an A for effort.

Apparently, Meir Weinstein and the JDL are somewhere in the vicinity as well.  Someone should try and get a shot of Meir warming up for the confrontation.  The guy's got martial arts training, and sometimes he'll break a brick against his skull for practice.  Sometimes, just before battle, he whips his shirt off.  And sometimes he brings Jewish Bikers!  Those dykes are going to get the thrashing of a lifetime!

Friday, July 01, 2011

Fraser Institute Editorial Advisory Board Largely Dead

I have seen this previously with other right-wing think tanks, but as the gentleman at The 6th Estate  has noted on several occasions, a fair number of  people on the The Fraser Institute editorial advisory board have long passed from this mortal coil. And, as this fellow notes, the editorial advisory board is

...the final arbiter in the Institute’s peer review process.

So: no rest for the wicked, I guess, even in death.