Sunday, June 28, 2015

QuAIA At Pride?

They said they that this year they were going to throw in the leather trunks and the feather tickler, as it were.

But old Meir says they're there today:

So I  asked:

And he points here, among other places, which does look like them.

Rather poor form on their part, if so.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

You're Not Helping, Kory Teneycke

Media preview
He's got to be someone's useless cousin, right?  "Please, sir, if he can't get a job with the party he'll either end up in jail or in real estate."  Right?  Here's the full Kory file on BCLSB, for kicks.  And my favorite bit from it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Titus Andronicus Is Back

This one should be a mega hit:

And this one, combined with one above, makes me think there might be a bit of drug-type influence on the album.

Still pretty good, though.  But  Patrick Stickles is the best candidate for boy genius out there these days.  Stay well , kid.  The world needs you.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Short Musical Quiz: Chimp Vs. Sumerian Zither

A Midi recording of the oldest known musical composition (from 1400 BC), which originally would have been played on some kind of dorky harp instrument:

The first known drum solo by a chimp:

Which do you like better?  So far I'm leaning chimp.  He reminds me a bit of Mickey Waller, who played for Rod Stewart back in the day.

Actually, if you have the chimp drum along to the zither it isn't bad either.

Monday, June 22, 2015

The Fourniers Will Fight On!!!

Update (21 June 2015) – Connie Fournier and Mark Fournier, the only remaining defendants in this action have rejected an offer to settle of $1 in damages plus $2,500 costs each that I would donate to charity (outlined below). I suggest people remember this next time they ask for $.

Everyone else surrendered last week.  The Fourniers, however, want to throw away even more money. Because they're royal fuck-heads who think losing a string of legal decisions will secure them a place in history.  And, by the way, if you wonder why I wonder at all the panic over C-51: why I suspect resistance to it might be spearheaded by a coalition of gassed-out but unfortunately not yet overdosed hippies and white supremacists getting too old for their leathers...its because C-51 is The Fourniers latest windmill to charge at.  Read the gist of their opposition to it here: its nutz.  But The Left has embraced it.  So maybe they're nutz too.  That's my line of reasoning.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ezra Levant: The Final Failure?

After years of stalling, Ezra Levant, KKKate, and Five Foot have all thrown in the legal towel and issued grovelling apologies to Richard Warman over the infamous Cools Post.  No word on costs and etc., but in Ezra's case they will likely be huge, for he insisted  that a ton of forensic work be done on Warman's various computers in a vain attempt to find evidence Richard had even used them on the relevant day. Ezra found nothing, not surprising as  his claim was bullshit on the face of it. As a result he, or more likely his dad, will have some rather large bills to pay.

As to the timing, well, Ezra's work situation becomes more tenuous with each passing day.  There are already rumours of The Rebel's impending demise.  Staffers fighting over used tea bags and half eaten muffins, for example.  And remember that picture behind Ezra in the network's early videos?
I hear its sitting in a pawn shop on Queen East.

So Ezra needed the thing wrapped up quick. And the two gals who followed him were just moons of his, swept up in his death spiral towards the black hole of debt and humiliation, and now crashing and burning in the wake of his smokey demise.

But is this really Ezra's final failure?  Well, possible downward moves in his journalistic career are limited by the fact that, at The Rebel, he is  pounding his head on the bottom.  But no fear: other lawsuits are still due to be settled!  And when Ezra goes to court, he loses.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

BCLSB EXCLUSIVE: Taped Secret Convo of Evan Solomon With Art Client

The following is a transcript of secretly taped phone conversation between Ex-CBCer Evan Solomon and one of the art collecting guys he was doing deals with.   Gives an exclusive look at the whole "high-end" art community and the shit they get up to.

ES: This one here is a Jan Weenix, from the Dutch Golden Age.   "Still Life With Dead Parrot", they call it.  Note the bright colours. Almost to Group of 7 levels, and they claim the  bird stands for Jesus.  Whatcha say? Guy's contemporary with Rembrandt, but Rembrandt commands major scratch. This I can get you for 20 large, with a 5% off if you buy a second Weenix, maybe "Still Life With Dead Snake".

JB: It's a bit dark for my pool room; do you have something that will go with puce?

ES:  I can get a version of it where the parrot is yellow.

JB: Fair enough. I get points?

ES: Bring your card and we can swipe  it on delivery.

JB:  OK.  What else you got?

ES:  Looted Aztec death masque.  From wherever it was they were from.  $2,000 apiece, 6 for 10 cubed.  Hang 'em in places you don't want the wife to go.

JB: I need to look.  Send me a .jpg.

ES: See attachment.

JB:  Oh yuck.  Reminds me too much of The War Pig.

ES: Who?

JB: My sister-in-law.  No thanks.  Anything else?

ES: Folk crafts from the Ukraine.  A plinkerino.

JB: Of fuck one of their ancient 3 string guitars? Sounds like a busted Uke?  No chance.  

ES:  Well, I got nothing.  

JB: We're done then.

Friday, June 05, 2015

Ezra's Calgary Anti-Tims Protest: The Money Shot

Embedded image permalink

24 heads clearly visible; one other soul, maybe, holding up the sign next to "#Boycott Tim's" sign. Ezra has claimed 50 attendees, but he must be seeing double.  Get those glasses checked, Ez!

PS: Here's another shot.  I count 23 people in this one:

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NDP On A Roll

They deserve this result:

 They've done a few smart things, and had some good luck.  And of course, they are the only party not getting caught in the spatter of the Senate scandal.  The deal breaker for me with the NDP has always been environmental policy (and incompetence in office, but leave that aside for now).  They've always dumped their green wing when their brown wing (unionistas) complained.  BCers will remember the sell-out at Clayoquot Sound.  So they would have to assure me they won't go all pragmatic if elected.

As for the LPC, some might advocate panic.  My own opinion is that the "sunny ways" thing has gotten old and Justin and Co. need to show a few teeth.  Angry Tom is catching on because people think there are legitimate causes for anger out there.   I would forgo the communist beard and the pop-eyes and the gritting teeth, obviously.  But something has to be done.

And for those people wondering about the solidity of the CPC base.  Nobody pre-2011 figured the Libs would ever fall under 30%, then 25%, and then...  Of course Iggy was like King Midas in reverse...But still.

Monday, June 01, 2015

Life In Scarborough: The Gangs Of Scarborough

When I moved out here my car insurance went up about thirty bucks a month.  As one of my co-workers said at the time: "They're worried someone is going to pop a cap in your ride!"  So, in the past couple of days there's been this, and this. And today driving by Cougar Court there were squad cars out front; they had a guy bent over the trunk, hand-cuffed behind his back.  Young black male. Who knows if he had anything to do with anything?  But it's starting to look like I'm living at the edge of an incipient gang war.  And I've found a really nice  Halal pizza place just across Eglinton. They actually have sun dried tomatoes as a topping.  I love those.  I look forward to the summer.