Saturday, January 24, 2009

Anthony Watts Knows How To Pick 'Em

The world's greatest science blogger has found a Meteorologist straight outta Antarctica to "refute" the latest climate science research on that area of the planet (basically, the research indicates its warming just like everywhere else).

NASA weatherman Ross Hays argues that:

There are very few stations in Antarctica to begin with and only a hand full with 50 years of data. Satellite data is just approaching thirty years of available information. In my experience as a day to day forecaster that has to travel and do field work in Antarctica the summer seasons have been getting colder.

In other words, those damn climatologists are out there embracing their models instead of the facts on the ground, which on the contrary normal gawd-fearing data guys like Ross Hays have been embracing, apparently for "seasons". So we should really be listening to them rather than global warming hoaxers like Fat Al and the Lib-Left Scientific community.

Except that, thanks to Simon Evans, we know that Mr. Hays has talked about his time in the Antarctic on other occasions, in other forums. There is, for example, this post dated Dec. 3rd, 2008:

After 19 years with CNN and over 200 job applications I was given a job with the NASA Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility.


My new job is almost an adventure. I never though I would be going to Antarctica or the Arctic for that matter. Last year [2007 presumably] I spend the southern summer in Antarctica. This year I will be spending the holidays at home with the family in East Texas after spending six weeks in New Mexico. Next month I have to return to Esrange, Sweden for an international campaign studying the polar vortex. The days have only 56 minutes of daylight during early January with temperatures of -35 to freeze a beer on the window sill in 18 minutes. I will return to Esrange in the early summer, then next November it will be my turn to return to Antarctica.

How Mr. Hays justifies an assertion about the summer seasons in Antarctica based on what appears to be an experience of exactly one Antarctic summer season is beyond me. Perhaps Anthony can inquire.

Update: There is some possibility that Mr. Hays has spent two summers in the area, his first being in late 2005. Presumably the 2nd summer was colder than the first.

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Unknown said...

How about commenting on the actual study BCL?

50 years ago, there were only 2 weather stations for the whole Antarctic and satellite data only goes back 30 years.

The margins of error must be very high and levels of confidence very low. But as always, it is demanded of the public to accept unquestioningly the results of this newest work.