Saturday, January 17, 2009

Victoria Cleans Up

From Woman At Mile Zero:

Today we had confirmation of a new sewage treatment plant location for Victoria. It’s probably not a moment too soon either because we continue to receive universal, world-wide condemnation for dumping raw sewage into the ocean. The plant will be built in the Haro Woods at Arbutus and Finnerty only about a block from where I used to live at the University of Victoria.

They've been arguing about building this plant since I lived there in the mid-1980s. You used to hear stories of people living by the water who would come down with jaundice and blame it on bits of human waste that would get blown ashore from the head of the sewage pipe.

About time.

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Frankly Canadian said...

It's about time! Hopefully this will have an immediate effect on the large algea blooms we've seen out there recently.