Thursday, January 15, 2009

Curse Them In Their Hunger And Infirmity!

One of those comments that appear on FreeD that you kind of hope is ironic but know is probably not.


Anonymous said...

Brecht's old line about grub before ethics remains stubbornly true, eh?

Anonymous said...

The wording is rather "biased" and funny
- healthcare choice
- Respect for Seniors
- Family Issue/Morality
- Media Bias

What the fuck do most of those have to do with the budget?

Stephen Taylor; Because stupid is not stupid enough.

Ti-Guy said...

Yeah, I'd rather you go after the Alpha Wingnut lil' Stevie Taylor rather than nutpick over at FreeD, BCL.

His technocratic/dorkish love affair with polling is a real hoot. The opinion of people who know absolutely nothing about a particular issue (which describes at least 75% of Conservatives) cannot tell us anything meaningful.