Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Because They Didn't Have Any?

If the Iroquois were Israel, it's doubtful they'd use rubber bullets...

But would they use polythene tomahawks?

Dubble Dumbbbest column to date on the Gaza fighting, courtesy Peter Worthington.


Steve V said...


Karen said...

Good grief. How do you even respond to such idiocy?

misguided humanitarianism ???

Steve Bloom said...

BCL, how can you focus on trivialities like Canadian politics, war in Gaza and bad girls even while this belief-shaking fraud has come to light? (OK, OK, I take back the part about the bad girls. I know the bonobos would want it that way.)

Ti-Guy said...

Senile old coot.

Anonymous said...

David Frum's father-in-law.
Does not seem to like Gays.

Need you need to know more?

Ti-Guy said...

Also informed on Canadian activists (like June Callwood) to the FBI.

That whole clan are nothing but traitors.