Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Canadians Want Green Budget

I have never heard of the company (Multi Réso), and the timing is suspect, but the message seems consistent with earlier surveys:

The findings also suggest that Canadians do not want their governments to ignore health and the environment in efforts to jump start the economy. Health is one of the top two priorities for 42% of Canadians, followed closely by the environment, with 38%.

The most interesting material lies in the regional breakdowns:

The findings suggest that a good part of the population is not feeling the impact of the economic crisis or is not worried about the impacts at this time. About a third of Canadians (31%) and half of Quebecers (47%) do not rank the economy and jobs as either their first or second concern.

Of course that doesn't apply to Ontario, where 70% say the latter two are the most important concerns.

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JimBobby said...

Whooee! Dang right. Canajuns is all gooey over the Merkans' new bossman, Bracko. Bracko's economic recovery plan is strong on ol' Mother Earth stuff. Bracko ain't no radical lefty. He's probably as conservative as Harper but he's smart enough to see opportunity in green stuff. Harper's ideological blinders prevent him from seeing economic value in environmental action. Same thing with the arts deal.