Saturday, January 17, 2009

In Which I Achieve Historic Proportions

And of course I said "yes":

Dear M.J. Murphy,

I am contacting you today on behalf of Library and Archives Canada regarding the archiving of your blog, Big City Lib Strikes Back, .

Library and Archives Canada's (LAC's) mandate is to preserve the documentary heritage of Canada for the benefit of present and future generations. The Library and Archives of Canada Act was assented to on April 22, 2004 and, for the purposes of preservation, it now allows LAC to collect a representative sample of Canadian web sites on the Internet.

During the 2008 Federal Election campaign we took snapshots of the websites of all registered political parties, as well as key Canadian political blogs. With your permission, we would like to incorporate the snapshots we took of your blog into LAC's collections and make them available on our website,

Thank you for considering this request. I hope you will recognize the historical value of a comprehensive collection of Canadian political party websites and Canadian political blogs and that you agree to have your blog included.

I look forward to your reply,

Karen Krzyzewski

Karen Krzyzewski
Adjointe à l'acquisition / Acquisitions Assistant
Bureau numérique Internet/ Digital Office - Internet Unit
Bibliothèque et Archives Canada / Library and Archives Canada
Télephone / Telephone 819-934-6785
Facsimile / Télécopieur 819-953-8508
Site Web / Website

You hear that? Huh? Huh? I am officially "KEY" to the Canadian Blogosphere!!! A significant playah in the decline of of Canadian--nay!!!---Western civilization!!! Boo-yah!!! Boo-yah!!! Boo-yah!!! Boo-yah!!!

Or I'm being pranked; the emails I received came about 8:30 PM last night. Do they work that late in Ottawa? Anyway, if I was pranked so was Janke.

To celebrate, here's a picture of Michaëlle Jean in a bikini.