Saturday, January 03, 2009

Green Conservative Gets The NIMBYs

They're coming to build wind-mills in David Frum's back-yard, and suddenly he's agin' it. This is the Conservative who's been trumpeting his green credentials, and in particular his support for alternative energy and a carbon tax, for years now. Of course during the last federal election he went 100% silent on the issue, only to pop up afterwards--with Harper safely in office again and the issue back on the furthest back of the back-burners--to start promoting it again! I guess he expects other people to "substitute away from oil". Out there in Prince Edward County they're sticking with the old ways.


Anonymous said...

Wow! David Frum channeling Robert Kennedy.

Two real greeny NIMBYS from other ends of the spectrum.

Maybe they'll get together & fisk Al Gore ?

bigcitylib said...

Anne Murray too.

Red Tory said...

We certainly wouldn't want to ruin the pristine vista from Frum's summer home in his "beloved" county, now would we? Let's get our priorities straight people!

RuralSandi said...

Oh dear - Frum not getting enough talking head time in the US? Needs attention?

Ti-Guy said...

Paul Wells brought up the point a few weeks ago that Frum (along with Richard Perle) had argued for a whole chapter in his book The End of Evil that France was a genuine enemy of the USA.

And he still has a career in journalism...why?