Friday, January 09, 2009

On Why Gays Are Freakin' Everywhere!

The war is over, and to celebrate here's a paper from the CHRC website--"Human Rights Commissions and Public Policy: The Role of the Canadian Human Rights Commission in Advancing Sexual Orientation Equality Rights in Canada". More than a little self-congratulatory, but filled with interesting historical information. For example, I had no idea the RCMP objected to including sexual orientation as a prohibited ground of discrimination in the original CHRA because they were concerned "that homosexual public servants were susceptible to blackmail and therefore posed a threat to national security". Now, we're talking 1977, and perhaps back then this might have seemed a rational objection. Else why would an organization of homosexual alcoholics seek to deny rights to homosexuals in general? (Remember, one of the Village People is a cop).


Nosferatu200 said...

Security threat due to blackmail is still a reason why homosexuals are still dismissed from the American Secret Service. A number of Arabic translators were let go by the CIA because it was discovered that they were gay. And then they complained about the shortage of Arabic translators.

Unknown said...

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Reality Bites said...

noonespecial, my recollection is that they were let go by the Army, not the CIA, because of their ridiculous policy.