Thursday, January 22, 2009

Doug Christie: Free Speech Don't Feed The Bulldog!

While Doug (Lawyer to The Far Right) Christie is big on Free Speech rights, he doesn't work for free. This week he's earning his lawyerly pittance helping Ian Verner Macdonald pursue a defamation suit against Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella.

But you have to wonder if his heart is still really in it. Yesterday, court insiders tell us, Christie could be clearly heard berating Macdonald--whose hearing is poor--over "the cheque, the cheque". Presumably, he meant the "pay" cheque, the money Christie needs if he wants to get out of our nation's capital and fly home to Victoria, British Columbia.

Apparently, he wanted the damn thing certified, and Macdonald was forced to assure him that he had a $500 overdraft.

So if you see a dejected looking fellow hitch-hiking Westward near Ottawa, it might be Doug. That's a shot of him above if you feel like offering a ride.

Oops! My bad! This is the Doug Christie you might run into!


Gayle said...

Wow - he loses a lot of cases.

buckets said...

My source tells me that he was trying to set up a lunch date with a local social conservative.

Mike said...


Would that local socon have a blog?

buckets said...

Indeed, with socon in the name.

Dr.Dawg said...

Indeed, with socon in the name.

What a fricken surprise.

And now the Usual Suspects are rushing to defend another neo-Nazi, Geert Wilders. All in the name of freedom of speech--of course.

buckets said...

(I was joking, Dawg.)

bigcitylib said...


I thought you were insinuating that he was shacked up with Flanders.

buckets said...

Yes. But it was a pun. Dawg seems to have thought I was making an allusion to something concrete.

sassy said...

OK, I've read the post and, the comments.

Bloggers have more fun!!


Dr.Dawg said...

Except that the joke was on me. :(

wv= "clodsryt" Alas, we do, on occasion.