Thursday, January 29, 2009

Update: Hansen Rebuked By NASA Underling!

The smaller the number the higher you are. Code 610 is the head of the Earth Sciences Division. Jim Hansen is head of code 611. Theon was head of 613.2. Not only was he not even 'in line' with Hansen he's lower in the hierarchy. Supervisor, not. Theon apparently spent his entire career on TRMM while Hansen became the premier expert on climate change. A Google Scholar search finds no recent papers.
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Marc Morano said...

Sorry, it appears you have been had by promoting your organizational chart. 

The chart you are so proud of that “proves” Hansen was above Theon appears to be a chart of the Goddard Space Flight Center, not NASA Headquarters!!!

NASA HQ is not a part of Code 613 or 613.2. 

Are you going to issue a correction? Are you going to stop heralding your incorrect chart?

Please advise.


Marc Morano

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Tom Myers said...

Marc, the Goddard Space Flight Center is part of NASA; you'll find a current version of the chart, still including Hansen as head of 611 but of course no longer Theon at 613.2, at He was not exactly an underling, but lower than Hansen.

Marc Morano said...


Let me try one more time. This chart is not applicable.

The chart is from Goddard Space Flight Center, NOT HEADQUARTERS NOR NASA OVERALL. GSFC is a field center UNDER NASA Hq.

Therefore, you are showing one branch of Nasa and trying to prove Hansen was over Theon. The chart is not relevant.

The new chart you are promoting is simply a directorate of NASA, not HQ.

Your charts are not helping you prove anything about Hansen or Theon rank in NASA.