Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ontario Takes Another Tiny Step

TORONTO — Ontario Power Generation is looking into replacing coal with biomass at power-generating plants in a move the province's energy minister says could keep such plants from being torn down.

Not a panacea, but when used in power generation, bio mass is apparently (and I know because wiki told me)

... considered carbon neutral, or a net reducer of greenhouse gasses because of the offset of methane that would have otherwise entered the atmosphere.

One of a series of interesting if small-bore initiatives from the McGuinty government. Very quietly, they've been running up some decent green credentials.

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Partisan Hobo said...

"Very quietly, they've been running up some decent green credentials." With all due respect, I've never seen a government re-announce the same environmental initiatives as many times as the McGuinty government. He has precisely three green decisions to his name: that spills bill from years ago, the Clean Water Act (aka, the let the lobbyists protect our water supply project), and shutting down the coal plants. That said, as I recall, shutting down the coal plants is an idea that started with the Conservatives. McGuinty should be applauded for making it happen for sure, but his Liberals are also about to build more nuclear power plants than any party in provincial history. A biofuel plant here and some windmills there just don't make that "green" government.

Meanwhile ... I really like reading your blog, and I'm glad that you pointed out what looks like a pretty solid environmental program.