Friday, January 16, 2009

Can Someone Please Tell Them Not To Burn Any Israeli Flags

Another Demo this Sunday in Montreal. Another opportunity for the Pro-Palestinian forces to appear in the MSM as a whole whack of lunatics because of angry and perhaps criminal behavior on the part of a few.

And yes when an outfit like the CJC points out instances of hate-speech at a "Peace Rally" you can argue that they're just trying to distract from the real issue--the civilian casualty count in Gaza, shelling the U.N.'s Gaza HQ, and etc.

But they've certainly been given a lot of help in creating that distraction, haven't they? And in this as in any propaganda war "fair" doesn't enter the equation.


Anonymous said...

You know, if a marcher picks his nose, they will somehow consider that anti-Semitic...

ch said...

This guy made a tape of a NYC pro-Israel rally, showing some of the extremism on that side, and several US politicians were in attendance. From blogs and comments it would seem there are plenty of examples of extremism on both sides in Canada, but the Canadian media seems to only expose one side.

Certainly, everyone should denounce and distance themselves from any displays of extremism and hatred, on either side.

Ti-Guy said...

I don't care about the flag burning. I just wish they'd cut the exhortations to genocide.

Lakish said...

Thank you Ti-Guy that too is my point.I saw the "ch" link and that didnt even come close to what I saw in the CJC clip.

And from the press CJC seemed to be very clear that their issue was the hate and potential for violence during rallies. They have a point and those who want to poo poo it subordinate hate in my judgement

Ti-Guy said...

I think everyone will agree that Fred should be shoved into an oven.

Anonymous said...

Midol ti-guy, try Midol.

Fix ya right up, mind cramps & all

Ti-Guy said...

25 minutes a pound at 325 oughta do it.

Dirk Buchholz said...

And who the hell is supposed to monitor or control what signs SOME people hold up ? That a few extreme remarks etc well be made is to be expected.
People are being KILLED/MURDERED and by the hundreds! emotions are inflamed,yet you have a problem with Israeli flags being burned or a few awkward statements or signs being held up,by a small small minority ?
Has anyone here checked out what SOME Israeli supporters in Israel and out,have said about Arabs and Palestinians,i.e death to Arabs,Arabs are dogs etc etc.Israeli racism towards Arabs is very very relevant in Israeli,does that get covered ?
Does anyone in the MSM ever write about the one sided pro-Israeli coverage that is the rule,rather than the exception ?
Really who gives a damn what the MSM write,Israel gets a free pass.Nothing Israel does is ever wrong,the occupiers are the victims while the occupied(for 41 fucking humiliating years and counting) are invariably labeled,villains/terrorists/death cultists/evil ,etc.
No nuances there..but that's okay I suppose ?

Unknown said...

. . . you have a problem with . . . a few awkward statements . . . by a small small minority ? - Dirk Buchholz

The difference is, in this case, the "awkward" statements reflect the views of the majority and the leaders.

Ti-Guy said...

The difference is, in this case, the "awkward" statements reflect the views of the majority and the leaders.

What the hell are you on about, Paulie?

Shut the fuck up, or I'll tear off your head and shit down your neck.

...hmmm...I guess I need more coffee.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the CJC suggested that the marshalls could "control" all the signs etc. However, two things spring to mind.

1. Look at the video on the CJC site, the woman who was screaming that a jewish child is going to be "f****ing killed" was doing so right in front of a marshall. hmmmm

2. Now that it has been exposed some condemnation from the organizers should be voiced but all we hear is total silence hmmm