Friday, January 30, 2009

Macleans Should Pull Steyn's Column On The "Hacked Wifi" Conspiracy

In it, Steyn accuses CHRC employee Dean Steacy by name of criminal wrong-doing. Accusations which have since been proven false.

Kenneth Whyte, Paul, Kady et al. It isn't about where you stand on Canada's various speech codes. Its about showing a little bit of class when one of your writers screws up and, indeed, in this case Steyn was suckered by the owner of Stormfront, America's premier Neo-Nazi website.
The post in question should be disappeared and, frankly, apologized for.

Meanwhile, 12 hours later and still no sign of class from the Steynosaur himself.


Reality Bites said...


Only if Steyn is unbelievably stupid. Too stupid to even type "Lemire" into a search engine - in which case he's not exactly much of a journalist.

There is simply no way in hell that anyone with the ability to put pen to paper could be unaware of what an exceedingly unreliable person Lemire is.

Steyn and Levant at all times knew they were publishing lies that suited their disgusting agenda, which has nothing to do with free speech and everything to do with their desire to spread hatred unfettered by legal niceties.

You give up the right to the benefit of the doubt when you knowingly embrace Nazis.

Dr.Dawg said...

Steacy was libelled by Steyn and Maclean's, and I for one would write a large cheque if he wants to pursue a defamation action.

Ti-Guy said...

Meanwhile, 12 hours later and still no sign of class from the Steynosaur himself.

He's too busy excoriating Warren Kinsella for suggesting Chinese restaurants serve cat, calling for him to be hauled before a kangaroo court and musing about some standing committee hearing with some people called Commissar Hall and Elmo.

Good God is if he ever dull.

Unknown said...

The obsession with Steyn continues.

Considering the abusive use of the HRC process to unfairly malign Steyn, I think other apologies should be coming first.

Hey Dawg, send that cheque to Steyn and/or Maclean's. You would be helping right the greater injustice in this case.

Reality Bites said...

Hey Paul, when I want to hear from an asshole defending scum, I'll read Steyn's column. Shut your piehole.

Ti-Guy said...

It's called his "Paulhole."

Mitka said...

If ever there was any doubt, it is now forever purged. Ezra Levant is about as low as any person can go. Bad enough you make false and injurious allegations, as was done by him against Steacy, worse when proven wrong you remain silent. One can only conclude that Ezra prefers to side with neo-Nazis till the very end.

And really how ironic. Was it not this same Ezra Levant who referred to Bernie Farber of the Canadian Jewish Congress as the "modern equivalent of a Nazi book-burner"? Imagine pointing a finger at a man like Farber who has spent much of his adult life fighting Nazi scum to be referred to as a Nazi? And this coming from a man of Jewish decent (Levant) who has stood by Marc Lemire the head of the neo-Nazi Heritage Front even when Lemire was proven to have at best misrepresented the truth.

At least in the end decency triumphs; the Levantosaurs and Steynosaurs will go the way of their ancient cousins as we continue to pay less and less attention to anything they say from here on in.

Unknown said...

"At least in the end decency triumphs."

Couldn't agree more. That's why every single HRC complaint against Steyn collapsed.

And speaking of the Steynosaur, Steyn is guest hosting for Rush Limbaugh February 3rd and 4th. Rumor is the pay is $75,000 per guest show. Not bad pay for a couple afternoons work.

bigcitylib said...

I hear Rush pays in Viagra tablets.

Mitka said...

Paul S, tell us for the record if you believe Ezra and Steyn should apologize.

Secondly and more amazingly now that you have joined our way of thinking, aknowledging that the HRC works exactly as it should try persuading your other dino-friends.

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