Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gerry Nicholls To CPoC Base: Let's Self-Immolate!

Or better yet, maybe it’s time for old-time Reformers to start demanding their voices be heard within the party.

To be blunter, the Reformers should take back their party.

So far, Gerry is most ticked-off about the "Quebec Nation" resolution, but underneath I sense a longing for a return to the Imperial System of measurement. Go for it, Gerry! Down with Metric! And burn a couple of witches for good measure. Above all, be sure to get in touch with this guy and get working on "Plan B"!!!

As the Libs come together, the CPoC comes apart.


Anonymous said...

In the last election, despite all the Quebec catering, the Conservative Party utterly failed to achieve any sort of electoral breakthrough in La Belle province. Not surprisingly, Quebec nationalists continued to support the Bloc.

While I don't agree with his conclusions, his observations are correct.
Given that Iggy seems to have echoed the same sentiments about Quebec as Harper, what makes it a better idea under the Liberals?

Mike said...

Who knew that the mean-spirited destruction of art programs was "Quebec catering"....

Nicholls is insane. Good luck to him though...

Ti-Guy said...

We really do need to find productive employment for the sad old indigent.

MgS said...

Given that Iggy seems to have echoed the same sentiments about Quebec as Harper, what makes it a better idea under the Liberals?

The difference being whether or not Ignatieff would 'poke a stick in their eye' or not. Trudeau was quite harsh about Quebec as well, but was able to retain the votes because he was smart enough to handle things in a manner that didn't ruffle as many feathers.

Harper simply isn't capable of that kind of subtlety.

Reality Bites said...

Speaking as a loyal ABC voter all I can say is "Gerry, PLEASE take back the Conservative Party."

But I think you'll find out what the real problem is. Reform was a lie. It was a bunch of self-serving shit on a shingle sold to gullible rubes - a group that evidently includes you - who were too stupid to understand that people go into government because they want perqs and power. And even if they set out with noble intentions, once they realize how nice perqs and power are, the attraction of being the flunky of the few loudmouthed assholes who can be bothered to participate in "direct democracy" is very dim indeed.

I'm sorry you were too stupid to realize that, Gerry, but it's really not my fault. It's yours.

Any thought that Reform was any different from the Liberals and PCs should have left your brain the day Manning moved into Stornaway and Deb Grey opted back into her pension at the last minute. Harper isn't the first dishonest Reformer. There's never been an honest one except perhaps Chuck Cadman.