Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sheldon Johnston Out At Western Business And Taxpayers Association?

From Project Alberta:

Nice, but a bit outdated, isn't it? Is Sheldon Johnston the Policy chair or not? A message to me was that he had resigned (but apparently no one at the WBTA knew it). What's the story?

And Sheldon Johnston is...

h/t one of my favorite separatists.


buckets said...


Eilers said...

I'll take your word for it, LPS. Any more you can say about Sheldon?

bigcitylib said...


Whoopsie. For some reason I mistook you for Jane Morgan.

Unknown said...

We DO look alike-especially around the!

Regarding the WBTA, I haven't heard anything else - just a running argument on my blog:

buckets said...

running argument.

I'll say. Any guesses as to who truthseeker is?

Dan said...

Recently there has been some confusion in regards to Sheldon Johnson’s resignation; I would like to take this opportunity to clear it up. Sheldon Johnson has sent the WBTA correspondence resigning his position as policy chair.

Given the circumstances, we regrettably accept his resignation. We expect Sheldon to return in the near future and we will keep you posted when this takes place.

We wish Sheldon and his family the absolute best; our door will always be open for him.

Warmest Regards
Daniel W. Doherty
Western Business and Taxpayers Association