Tuesday, May 26, 2009


As Ms. O'Malley notes, today the Citizenship and Immigration Committee will be hosting a number of disgruntled caregivers. The topic is “ghost consultants and migrant workers”, the former being

...rogue immigration consultants who are not authorized to practice, but continue to do so, collect a fee and make their clients sign official documents in lieu of themselves.

...which seems a bit tangential to Dhallagate, so who knows if Ruby's name will come up. But one of the industry reps, Terry C. Olayta, Coordinator of the Caregiver Resource Centre, has already demanded Ruby's resignation, and this seems to be the official position of the CRC. Will he renew the call?

Kadey will be live-blogging the gory details.

Update: The meeting was called off afer an hour when Mr. Olayta and one other witness failed to show. One thing we did learn is that Ruby's nannies never filed a complaint with the CCA (Canadian Live-In Caregivers Association). This goes with a complaint not filed with the Ontario Ministry of Labour.

I suspect this "scandal" will pretty much burn out now.


penlan said...

"I suspect this "scandal" will pretty much burn out now."

Unfortunately the damage has been done to Ms Dhalla. And it was a Con "plan" so as to get Gill elected in her riding.

RuralSandi said...

Hmmm....where's Jason Kenney been lately? In hiding? When this broke out he was all over the place....Jason, oh Jason where are you? In hiding?

Gerrard787 said...

"I suspect this "scandal" will pretty much burn out now."And what's left of Ms. Dhalla's political career is ashes.

Ms. Dhalla could have survived this issue if it had only involved the claims of one nanny and not several.

"And it was a Con "plan" so as to get Gill elected in her riding."Uh, sure penlan. If there was any "plan", it was to hire and exploit cheap immigrant labour.

penlan said...

Paul S,

What I mean is the Cons, after perhaps hearing of these allegations, played it up without any court hearings, grievances being filed by these "caregivers" (not one filing anywhere), & made the allegations as if Dhalla was guilty. Nothing has yet been proved, no ones gone to court & it looks like it won't.

If the Cons had not made a HUGE deal out of this, & we still don't know if it's true or not, Dhalla's reputation would not be "ashes" as you put it. The upshot: They are salivating to get Gill elected no matter what it takes.