Friday, May 01, 2009

Her Values Are Traditional, Her Chest A Wonder Of Post-Modernism

Anti-Same Sex Marriage SoCon Princess Carrie Prejean's post-pageant career takes a turn for the weird:
Well, the morality of the act aside, I can't tell the difference, although I have never seen her, as it were, "in motion", and that's usually the clincher.
Those eyes, however, definitely say "bitch" to me. Definitely.
In any case, this revelation surely deflates any chance Ms. Prejean might have in eclipsing Sarah Palin as poster-girl/POTUS candidate for the American far right.
Unless Sarah's has been similarly "augmented", although in her case it would probably be something like the installation of a bionic hand so she can fire off 10 rounds in 3 seconds flat.


RuralSandi said...

Yup, a natural beauty. Fake boobs, over-capped big teeth, 6 inches of eye makeup, bleached hair, weird big nose.

There must be some real natural beauties out there with brains.

I think of natural beauties with brains like Halle Berry and wonder how anyone can think these painted up Barbie dolls are beauties.

Ti-Guy said...

That's chest isn't post-modern. It's very much a product of the Industrial Age.