Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hudak Would Scrap Ontario Human Rights Tribunal

Not the provisions related to hate-speech, the whole darn thing, to be replaced with " a court-based system operating under the rules of evidence" with "specially trained judges". So, scrap one system that alleged "cost millions" with an entirely new system that will, presumably, cost millions.

Not much excitement from the usual Speechy gang. I guess they are starting to smell the bullshit. If a Tory majority in Alberta won't move, what hope is there in Ontario? (Answer: none. This is a transparent attempt to out-flank Randy Hillier in time for the PCPO convention.)

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rabbit said...

Well, at least the new system would be based on judicial procedures established through centuries of jurisprudence, and not made up on the fly by otherwise-unemployable social workers.