Saturday, May 30, 2009

News Flash! Not All Ontario PCs Crazy!

Mr. Bibicis suggested the tribunal issue could dominate the next provincial election campaign, just as the Progressive Conservatives' plan to extend public funding to religious schools became the overwhelming issue in the 2007 election.

"I think [Mr. Hudak's] policy proposal could lead to a one-issue election and I don't want that to be the one and only thing focused on," Mr. Bibicis said.

Common sense is not entirely dead among the Ontario PC leadership candidates.

Note that Ontario does not have a section 13 analogue, although you are not allowed to publish material announcing an intention to discriminate (like signs reading "No blacks need apply" and that kind of thing). Since there is no other one element of the Ontario code that excites Speechys the way a hate speech provision would, PC candidates, if they want to go trolling for the Speechy vote, have to take the more radical approach of a Hillier or a Hudak (ie. abolish the whole thing).

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Ti-Guy said...

Per Bibicis:

It's not something I've ever run into people complaining about as a daily issue. What's on the minds of people today is whether or not they're going to have a job.

I'm pretty sure Hudak and Hillier know this. And the path to political victory would be to fabricate a link between that economic insecurity and those Other people who've gotten ahead because of some unjustified privilege granted to them by the protection of their rights.

Our media better start helping us marginalise this kind of populism, because it really is dangerous.