Friday, May 22, 2009

Ruby's Nannies, Update

Well, the veracity of this letter has been established. In it, the past president of the Brampton Seniors Club, Aurora G. Villanueva, takes back her support for Ms. Dhalla (and the implied support of the club itself). She was sick when she read the letter prepared for her by Ruby's people; she didn't read it closely; she's no longer president and can't speak on the club's behalf; she's been ridiculed by other Filipinos. A whole litany of complaints.

The fellow through whose hands the letter passed en route to the care givers resource center, Rodel J. Ramos, seems to be known as an advocate for domestic workers within the Filipino community, and occasionally writes for a few local Filpino media outlets (will try to find the links on this). Nothing too damning on the group's message board, although there was a desire to see the issue maintain its media profile after those committee hearings last week, as well as a desire to remain above the Liberal/Tory political mudfight.

Meanwhile, this statement from the lawyer of Magdalene Gordo and Richelyn Tongson, two of Ruby's nannies, has been floating about the net for the past week or so. It looks like Ms. Gordo does have a history of complaining about her employers:

Third, it was most recently alleged by Ms. Dhalla’s lawyer that Ms. Gordo previously made similar allegations of mistreatment with respect to a former employer. Presumably, this allegation is being advanced to make the point that somehow Ms. Gordo is less credible because she had alleged mistreatment previously. It is shocking that this allegation has been made at all without the identity of the accuser being known. Regardless, Ms. Gordo confirms that she did work for the family in question for 1 month following which she complained that she had been forced to work on Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s day but had not been adequately remunerated.

Finally, the last paragraph makes it sound like the two nannies will not be taking any legal action against Ms. Dhalla.

Ms. Tongson and Ms. Gordo will not be making any further statements or comments at this time. While they are happy to have had the opportunity to tell their story and for the extra attention it has brought to the plight of caregivers in this country, they wish to return to their regular lives and to concentrate on the families for whom they presently work.

So it is to be trial by TV.


ch said...

From the link you provided, I see a draft of the withdrawal of support letter went to a long list of people, including CPC candidate Joe Oliver. I didn't go through the whole list, but do you know if there were other politicians on the email list?

Karen said...

At a quick glance I see, Bob Dechart MP Erindale and Nancy Green.

bigcitylib said...

Mike Colle (MPP) is on there, and LP (Liberal Paarty?) Secretary Dawn Skinner.

Anonymous said...

Wonder why iRuby's people had that letter prepared and got it signed before the controversy broke in the Star ?

The media shit storm ain't gonna let up on this one . . . iRuby is too good with her shovel and is making it easy for them.

Break out the jam, iRuby is toast.

That will make a lot of young ambitious Liberal MP's very happy. One rung on the ladder moved out of their way.

I can almost see Mark Holland's ear-to-ear smile from here.