Friday, May 15, 2009

Mistakes Made, Apologies Owed

Since Steyn wants to go another round on this, let me just mention this more time. In his Macleans blog post "That poor woman down the street", from March of 2008, Mr. Steyn accused CHRC investigator Dean Steacy by name of engaging in criminal acts. These allegations were never credible to start with, and already pretty thoroughly refuted even before the RCMP and Privacy Commission finally dismissed them.

Yet there they remain on the Maclean's website.

So let me say it one more time: Mark, you made a mistake. You laundered a boatload of crap passed off as "research" by white supremacists and reproduced it in Canada's national news-magazine.

Admit it and have Kenneth Whyte take down that post.


Ti-Guy said...

Since his fans won't read far enough into the MacLean's article to see what you're referring to, here's what Steyn wrote:

So Mr. Steacy disconnected himself from the office Internet, and looked around for alternative wireless connections. He found one belonging to a young lady whose apartment is a block away from CHRC headquarters in Ottawa. Without obtaining a warrant, he connected to her server, and in effect used her as his cover for his "jadewarr" postings.

This isn't even alleged. It's wilfully irresponsible, since the ponce would have known that he didn't have any evidence to assert this at the time he wrote this.

A little more substantive than some dispute about where the Ayatollah Khomeini's guidelines on boffing sheep are documented, which he only brought up to imply that all Muslims are depraved and Islam is a corrupt belief system, anyway. And that's ironic, since *his people* could write the Kama Sutra of sheep shagging.

Dr.Dawg said...

I wonder if Richard Warman would be prepared to take forward a libel action for Steacy pro bono? Slam-dunk, seems to me.

Ti-Guy said...

The show tunes aficionado has moved on. He's whining about how men aren't manly enough for him these days...again.

I've never come across a more conflicted closet-case in my entire life. Lot of bad memories from English boys school there, I think.