Saturday, May 09, 2009

FreeD Denizon Acquitted

Charges have been dropped in the case against a Horton Township farmer and two members of the Ontario Landowners Association. OLA President Jack MacLaren, Director Ed Kennedy and farm owner Larry Reid were charged with mischeif last June after a protest at the Horton Township Offices. MacLaren explains to myFM why the charges were acquitted.

Ed Kennedy is a long-time FreeD participant. Some background on the case here.


Ti-Guy said...

What an egregious miscarriage of justice. They should have gotten the lash!

Kurt Phillips said...

When I was 13 during Halloween, my friends and I once would look for cars with the doors left unlocked. We would then put square hay bales in the back seat and proceed to cut the binding twine.

So it would seem that out Halloween trick sounds to be on par with these "adults" protest.