Thursday, May 07, 2009

More Bank Machine Scam Madness, From Sarnia This Time

The local banking scam may be bigger than originally feared.


Baines acknowledged a rumour making the rounds that 1,000 people were notified by one city bank that they should come in and check their PIN numbers.

"It's strictly a rumour, and that doesn't mean that they've lost money," he said. "If they've used an ATM (that the bank suspects has been compromised) they (the bank) will notify all their customers as a precautionary step, just in case. I was one of those notified that I should come in on Tuesday. I didn't lose any money. They felt there may be some risk, and rather than waiting for them (customers) to be victimized, they call everybody in. But as of this morning (Thursday) the number (of known city victims) is still 15."

Story from late April. Sort of similar, but maybe not connected at all to this.

But on the other hand, I have heard of three other people beyond The Wife, who are customers in two different banks (TD and CIBC), and who have had unauthorized withdrawals made while in the GTA within the last roughly 48 hours. And that's basically a randomish sample of people I just happen to live around and work with.

To top it all off, The Scotia Bank at Parkway Mall was straight out honest-to-god robbed last night. Three police were in there dusting around the ATM for prints. But, again, nothing to do with this. (Or at least I think thats what they were doing. There was yellow tape and a sign and they were all hanging out around the bank machines).

Ah the times in which we live...

If anyone knows where a story about these compromised ATMs appeared on tv last night--because somebody told me one did--please let me know. I'm not seeing anything about it online.

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