Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Lifesite Gaydar Tracks Canadian Mutant

From Popwatch:

After sitting through Wolverine this past weekend, I believe this flick to be the gayest comic book movie ever. It felt like an issue of Men's Health come to life, albeit with more adamantium. First, the gorgeous Hugh Jackman is shirtless for a good portion of the film -- he even has a naked fight scene! And he squares off against a shirtless (and similarly ripped) Ryan Reynolds at one point. Secondly, Wolverine's job as a lumberjack allows him to wear some very 1970s gay-friendly tight jeans, leather jackets, and flannel shirts, unbuttoned to reveal more than a hint of chest hair. Thirdly, the big sparring between Wolverine and Sabretooth really comes down to two hot guys basically clawing each other with their fingernails.

Meanwhile, from Lifesitenews: Wolverine, Hannah Montana and Britney Spears Issue Pro-Homosexual Message. These Lifesite reporters are sharp, eh? Except that they totally missed the significance of all the guys running around in their underwear in The 300, so they clearly don't catch everything.


Mike said...

Methinks the lady doth protest too much, if you know what I mean...

Adam M said...

Wow. As a fan of X-Men comics when I was kid I don't like the movies but after reading this review I'm definitely going to see it!

P.S. There was barely any male nudity in the Hannah Montana movie so I don't see what they're complaining about... :)

Mike said...

No male nudity in the Hannah Montana movie, well that's a rel...wait, what?

WV=buggera (I swear)

Anonymous said...

Well, that settles it. I had been somewhat resistant to seeing it while my husband has been all over making time to see it before guests arrive later this week.

I think I'll go on-line now and see when we can get tickets for tonight.

Thanks for the tip, Lifesite. If this incarnation doesn't work out, I see a future in pagan entertainment reviews.


Ti-Guy said...

Don't do it; you'll catch teh ghey.

bigcitylib said...


If you are straight now, and come out of the movie gay, or if you are gay now, and come out of the movie gayer, please let me know and I will inform Lifesite of the happy news.