Friday, May 08, 2009

One Fact In A Field of Speculation

As of Wednesday morning, I am made to understand that no related complaint had been filed with Ontario's Ministry of Labour.

But Ruby's nannies have had time to do a round of media interviews.

Actually, Mraz' whole piece is pretty good, and re-states the obvious: if any of this stuff gets proven, then Ms. Dhallia should step down as MP, but not before.

Be interesting to see where and when the Tory machine got involved with this. Alykhan Velshi is an interesting creature, and has begun to turn up in all sorts of odd places.


Ti-Guy said...

We are a profoundly unserious people.

bigcitylib said...

You're starting to sound like Andrew Coyne.

Ti-Guy said...

Not in the least. Coyne wouldn't recognise an issue of substantive public interest if it sat on his face and farted.

I'm dismayed at how defensive Liberals are being. It's embarrassing. They (and they, I mean their surrogates) need to go on the offense; point out yet again how the ignorant wingnuts and the lazy media are being irresponsible and potentially libellous. Someone's needs to be sued so they'll shut up for a while.

Libel chill, baby!

Aurelia said...

Well, of course they haven't actually gone to the authorities for real...that would imply it actually happened.

Stephen said...

The Conservatives have, in fact, taken to calling the affair "slavegate.""Slavery" is a bit much.

The allegations, if proven, would amount to little more than the "lesser evil" of "coercive employment."

Michael Ignatieff would understand.

Ti-Guy said...

Let's talk about Cheri DiNovo's support for pedophilia again.

If Dippers don't like unfair media circuses, they shouldn't support them when it happens to Liberals. But they do, so they deserve what they get when it happens to them.